Shwetha Prasad

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Full Name :

Shweta Basu Prasad

Other Name's :




Date of Birth :

11th January 1990



Height :

5' 5

Born Place :

Jamshedpur, Bihar, India



Personal Details

  • Mother's : Sarmishta
  • Father's : Anuj
  • Sibling's : -
  • Education : R. N. Podar High School, Santa-Cruz, Mumbai
  • Residence : Jamshedpur, Jharkhand, India.
  • Spouse : -
  • Children's : -

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Swetha Prasad

RT @RaoKavitha: TS Gov now gave 100 cr to finish the UGD followed by new roads and green projects. In next 2 yrs nizamabad will drastically

Swetha Prasad

RT @onhimam: When KCR buys a luxury bus, @UmaSudhir has a problem. But when @NCBN buys the same bus, our journo keeps mum! Did you get the

Swetha Prasad

RT @priyareddy111: @UmaSudhir does story on #Telangana farmer suicides, & TDP uses that story for Paid Promotion on Facebook! Did you get t

Swetha Prasad

RT @onhimam: So, @UmaSudhir thinks celebrities coming to the rescue of #Telangana farmers is not right?

Swetha Prasad

While #TelanganaJagruthi @raokavitha is trying to help farmers, @umasudhir insensitive comments prove the journo\'s Andhra loyalties.

Swetha Prasad

RT @RaoKavitha: Thank you @Guttajwala @pragyanojha & @MirzaSania for donating to the farmers\' cause.

Swetha Prasad

#Bollywood Katti Batti Movie Review #Movies #HindiMovies

Swetha Prasad

RT @tvnews4u: V6 News Channel emerge as the topper in Hyderabad and Telangana market

Swetha Prasad

#Bollywood Hero Movie Review #Movies #HindiMovies

Swetha Prasad

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