Aditi Sharma

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Other Name's :

Aditi Sharma



Date of Birth :

24th August 1984



Height :

5 foot 5 inch

Born Place :

Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India



Personal Details

  • Mother's : Anila Sharma
  • Father's : Dr. D.D Sharma
  • Sibling's : -
  • Education : -
  • Residence : -
  • Spouse : -
  • Children's : -

Aditi Sharma Latest and Upcoming Movies

Ekkees Toppon Ki Salaami

10th Oct 2014

Other Filmography Upto 2013

Year Film Language Role
2007 Khanna & Iyer Hindi Nandini Iyer
2008 Black & White Hindi Shahgufta
2008 Gunde Jhallumandi Telugu Neelu
2010 Om Shanti Telugu Anjali
2011 Mausam Hindi Rajjo
2011 Ladies vs Ricky Bahl Hindi Saira Rashid
2011 Rasta Pyar Ka Hindi  
2011 Kuch Khatta Kuch Meetha[3] Hindi  
2011 Babloo Telugu  
2012 Saatuchakke Hindi  

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Aditi Sharma

RT @LifeHeIps: Life is not about discovering our talents; it is about pushing our talents to the limit and discovering our genius.

Aditi Sharma

I\'m not crazy. My reality is just different than yours. Cheshire Cat (Alice in Wonderland)\"

Aditi Sharma

Protect her like a daughter, love her like a wife, and respect her like your mother....\"

Aditi Sharma

There\'s a huge difference between wanting someone to be yours and just wanting them to be no one else\'s\"

Aditi Sharma

RT @GirlfriendNotes: I miss you A little too much. A little too often. And a little more each day.

Aditi Sharma

RT @GirlfriendNotes: It\'s amazing how a person who was once just a stranger, can suddenly mean the world to you.

Aditi Sharma

RT @ChildhoodFacts: That awkward moment, where theres an awkward moment, and everyone knows it\'s an awkward moment, then somebody says, \"AW

Aditi Sharma

RT @disneywords: To be a princess, you have to believe that you are a princess. Mia (The Princess Diaries 2)

Aditi Sharma

RT @disneywords: I believe I am a part of this world, a world where I can make a difference, where my voice can be heard. Ariel (Princess

Aditi Sharma

RT @disneywords: Laughter is timeless, imagination has no age, and dreams are forever. Walt Disney