The Story of The 50 New Girl Season 1 Episode 10

New Girl Season 1 Episode 10

Aired on: Fox
Time & Slot: 9 PM, Tuesday
Last aired episode: 1/17/2012,
Title: The story of the 50

The Story of the 50 New Girl Season 1 Episode 10

The concept

Created by Elizabeth Meriwether New Girl is a story of Jessica Day, a young and adorable girl who finds herself alone after her boyfriend cheats on her and they head for an eventual breakup. Thus begins Jessica’s hunt for a new place to stay and the girl lands herself in an apartment with three other single boys who are quite different from each other.

Cast & story

Jess as Jessica is fondly called hasn’t had many male friends in the past and everything seems new to her as she hangs around with three guys at home. Her roommates include Nick Miller (Jake Johnson) who is a bartender. He hails from Chicago and is a law school dropout. Nick is smart, humorous and can read people’s mind. The second of the three is Schmidt (Max Greenfield) a typical Casanova and a young professional who is the only male employee in his office. Schmidt is the one who urges the others to take Jess as their roommate as he wants to understand the female mind and Jess is a wonderful opportunity whom he should use. The 3rd roommate is Winston Bishop (Lamorne Morris) who was missing initially and the reason why Jess was taken in as the fourth roommate. Bishop had gone to Latvia to play and returns after that. He is struggling to keep his job as monotony hits him and he can’t go on doing the same task. Cece Meyers (Hannah Simone) is a model and Jessica’s childhood friend.

The relationship between these friends matures as time goes and they realize that all of them need each other in their life.

Critical appreciation & Awards

  • 10.28 million Viewers watched the pilot episode of the show. Critics and audience have given thumbs up to the show.
  • The show had a highest rated fall debut since 2001 for Fox.
  • At the 1st Critics’ Choice Television Awards in June 2011, New Girl was an honoree in the “most exciting new series”.
  • According to Metacritic it has a score of 66/100.
  • New Girl is listed at number 5 on the list of best new shows of 2011 by BuddyTV.
  • It is being broadcasted to twenty countries worldwide.