The Last Summer Movie

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Director: Shawn Caple

Producer: Colleen A. Mullen

Language: English

Genre : Drama

The Last Summer Movie Release Date :

Cinematography by

Mike Biaselli
Josh Chambers
Nick Murphy (director of photography)
Tommy Phoenix
Brian Simon

Film Editing by

Danielle Alio
Thomas Egidio Cabano
Shawn Caple
Christian Sarkis Graham
Kevin Healy
Dallas Luce
Colleen A. Mullen
Allison Ornik
Tyler Seecof
Brian Simon
Steve Underwood III
Cheryl Wallace

Production Design by

Mallory Holloway (designer)
Annette Johnson (co-production designer)

Set Decoration by

Annette Johnson


Montana Marks - Sammie
Kevin M. Costello - Billie
Robb Stech - Don
Gary Gustin - Carl
Kevin Duffin - Tim
Greg Hilbert - Michael
Dave Shaver - Gene Stewart
Mrs. Marks - Sammie's Mom
George G'Dovin - Micky
Matt Paul - Vic / Pizza Shop Owner
Ilya Nikulin - Bruno
Michael Twisler - Max

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1st January 1970