The Landlord New Girl Season 1 Episode 11

New Girl Season 1 Episode 11

Aired on: Fox
Time & Slot: Tuesday, 9PM ET
Last aired episode: 02/07/2012
Last aired episode name: the Landlord

New Girl The Landlord   Season 1 Episode 11

Nick (Jake M. Johnson) and Jess (Zooey Deschanel), the two main characters of the show “New Girl” are opposite like chalk and cheese yet they have an uncanny relation growing. Jess is a kind of a girl who thinks that a smile can change the world and people are generally very good and caring. She thinks cupcakes can make people help her. She sees the world as a lovely place. And Nick on the other hand is completely opposite and thinks that people generally are not good in nature. In this episode “Landlord” they take their battle to a new level through fun filled and hilarious ways.

The apartment that Nick and Jess share is in a mess and needs fixing of many things but the landlord Remy (Jeff Kober) does not pay a heed. Nick tries his best to take control of the situation but he fails and Jess decides to convince the landlord. Though Nick is apprehensive of the fact that Remy wants to take advantage of Jess, she thinks that Remy loves them. They want to thank Remy and arrange a dinner for him. Remy, on the other side wants to engage in a threesome with Nick and Jess. They agree to this to prove their points to each other. Remy asks Nick to kiss Jess but at this point they call it quits. This leaves Remy disappointed. But, Remy still has hope that someday it might happen.

The next part of the episode deals with Schmidt (Max Greenfield) who cannot decide if his boss is trying to hit on him. Winston(Lamorne Morris) has been given the task of cleaning a room where he finds Schmidt’s New Year resolutions circa 2007 through which he want people to call him Mister Finish/Game time Jones/The Hook-up-erator. Also, Remy mistakenly calls Winston as Coach who was their roommate in the pilot episode. Remy finds out that in place of three, four people are living in the apartment. Nick, Jess and Winston try to hide the fact that Schmidt also lives here and asks him to pose as a tourist who is on a vacation.