The Control Group Movie

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Director: Peter Hurd

Producer: Peter Hurd

Language: English

Genre : Action , Horror , Sci-Fi

The Control Group Movie Release Date :

Cinematography by

Jessica Gallant

Production Design by

Melissa Pritchett

Set Decoration by

Cheri Anderson

Costume Design by

Molly Roark

The Control Group-First Official Trailer


Brad Dourif- Dr. Broward
Luce Rains- The Patient
Monique Candelaria- Heather
Taso N. Stavrakis- Agent Torrez
Jerry G. Angelo- Hanson
Larry Laverty- Agent Trapper
Meisha Johnson- Nurse Lee
Jamie Cooper- Crow / Hospital Extra
Kodi Saint Angelo- Jaime
Emily Soto- Anne
Ross Destiche- Jack
Mike Ascher- Crow / Extra
Justen Jones- Grant
Jenna Enemy- Vanessa
William Thompson

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1st January 1970