The Bayreuth Festival 2016

2016 Bayreuth Festival schedule information update here soon...

Event Name : The Bayreuth Festival
Start Date: 14th June 2016
Venue : Bayreuth, Germany

The Bayreuth Festival is an annual music festival held in Bayreuth, Germany in which famous composer Richard Wagner’s operas are presented.


Richard Wagner himself started this festival to establish his financial independence after he was banned from Munich by his patron Ludwig II of Bavaria. Bayreuth Festspielhaus is the special stage where performances are staged. The festival is so famous that it draws fans from across the globe and often people have to wait 5-10 years to obtain a ticket. The festival was inaugurated on August 13th, 1876 in which Das Rheingold performed. Many well known personalities had gathered to join the festival in the 1st year. Wagner formed many Wagner Societies in different cities to increase subscription.

Bayreuth Festival 2013 Schedule

25. July, 06:00 PM Der fliegende Holländer
26. July, 06:00 PM Das Rheingold
27. July, 04:00 PM Die Walküre
29. July, 04:00 PM Siegfried
31. July, 04:00 PM Götterdämmerung
01. August, 04:00 PM Tannhäuser
02. August, 04:00 PM Lohengrin
03. August, 06:00 PM Der fliegende Holländer
04. August, 04:00 PM Tannhäuser
05. August, 04:00 PM Lohengrin
06. August, 06:00 PM Der fliegende Holländer
07. August, 04:00 PM Tannhäuser
08. August, 04:00 PM Lohengrin
10. August, 06:00 PM Das Rheingold
11. August, 04:00 PM Lohengrin
12. August, 04:00 PM Tannhäuser
13. August, 06:00 PM Der fliegende Holländer
14. August, 06:00 PM Das Rheingold
15. August, 04:00 PM Die Walküre
17. August, 04:00 PM Siegfried
18. August, 04:00 PM Tannhäuser
19. August, 04:00 PM Götterdämmerung
20. August, 06:00 PM Der fliegende Holländer
22. August, 06:00 PM Das Rheingold
23. August, 04:00 PM Die Walküre
24. August, 06:00 PM Der fliegende Holländer
25. August, 04:00 PM Siegfried
26. August, 04:00 PM Lohengrin
27. August, 04:00 PM Götterdämmerung
28. August, 04:00 PM Tannhäuser

World War Scenario:

 During Nazi days and World War II the town of Bayreuth was almost completely destroyed but fortunately the theatre remained undamaged. Winifred Wagner was accused of supporting the Nazis and hence sentenced to probation and banned her from Bayreuth Festival. The Festival House was handed over to the city of Bayreuth in 1946 by the American troops and it was then used for concerts of Bayreuth Symphony Orchestra. Performances of Fidelio, Tiefland and other operas were held here. Winifred’s sons Wolfgang and Wieland were in charge of the house.

Post World War:

The Bayreuth Festival again reopened on July 29, 1951 with Beethoven’s 9th Symphony.
But the festival run into controversaries in 1973 when there were reports of family infights.In the same year the festival was transferred to Richard Wagner Foundation which was newly found. They handled the function as well as the assets. Members of Wagner family and other state appointed members were board of directors. Eva Wagner-Pasquier and Katharina Wagner, both Wolfgang’s daughters were named to take over the festival in 2008.
The festival draws huge crowd every year. There are 5, 00,000 applicants as compared to 58,000 seats available and fans wait endlessly to get their turn to enjoy the Wagner classics.

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