Sonam Kapoor

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Full Name :

Sonam Kapoor

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Date of Birth :

9th June 1985



Height :

1.79 m

Born Place :

Mumbai, India


Film Actress

Personal Details

  • Mother's : Sunita Kapoor
  • Father's : Anil Kapoor
  • Sibling's : Rhea Kapoor, Harshvardhan Kapoor
  • Education : -
  • Residence : -
  • Spouse : -
  • Children's : -

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19th Feb 2016

Prem Ratan Dhan Payo

12th Nov 2015

Dolly Ki Doli

23rd Jan 2015


19th Sep 2014


14th Mar 2014

Sonam Kapoor Quotes

"I always believe that it's better to be idealistic in love than be that cynic. That's the only way to survive a relationship."

"I am someone who actually jumps headlong into everything and anything. I am not one of those people who likes to be scared; instead I have a tendency to be very, very open to everything. I really live; I love life."

"I had lost my way for some time, so I need to do things that I am happy with. It's not about being the number one heroine or money. It's about doing roles that I enjoy. My biggest ambition is happiness."

"I think every single imperfection adds to your beauty. I'd rather be imperfect than perfect."

"If you are dressing up, then dress to the hilt, else let it go easy. But no matter what, pay attention to the nails. Whether you keep it short, long, varnished or plain, it has to look good."

"Anytime I fall in love, I feel it's a first time. I have had no successful love story yet. I hope I will succeed next time when I fall in love."

"Art reflects society. Cinema doesn't dictate - you portray what the society demands."

"I always do things that are not the flavour of the season. And that's why people like me."

"Being in love is the best feeling on the planet. I really believe that love makes the world go round."

"I don't care about controversies. I am a young woman with an opinion about certain things. I can't be diplomatic. I am a feminist, and as long as I can be the voice of hundreds of girls out there, I will speak my mind. I don't care what other people think."

"Women of worth are those who want positive change for themselves, their families, community or society, which I think is important. For me, a woman of worth is someone who has self -espect, who believes that she can change things in society."

"So many women are financially dependent on men. So why can't men be dependent on women? I'm totally okay with it."

"Opposites generally create intense chemistry. There are more chances of fireworks when different people are together than similar personalities."

"I don't shoot two films at the same time. I finish one character and get into another character because I change my look for every film. It's difficult, but I enjoy doing that."

"I am mentally strong, but physically I'm constantly unwell. I internalise a lot of things, and if something stresses me or disturbs me, I don't talk about it and make myself sick with it."

"I feel I am lucky. I am grateful for this life that God has given me. I am happy, as I am getting to do work that I want to do and enjoy doing it."

"I like potential in people. If I find someone who has lot of potential and can do something with life, then I don't see bank balance, which family he comes from, or his religion."

"I am naive when it comes to love, you know what I mean? I do believe in falling in love at first sight and things like that."

"I don't compete with actresses; I only compete with heroes."

"I like to save people, to take care of them... So, the pattern is that I date guys before they become big, and then they become successful and - whoops - there goes my"

"Style is all about being comfortable. I don't believe in following a style because it is a trend. I need to be comfortable in my clothes."

"Style is an expression of your individuality. Who you are and what your mood is, is what you wear."

"I don't want to be the biggest superstar. I want to be good at my job, and I want my work to go down in posterity. I am working for the longevity of my career."

"Reading has made me more open, has improved my understanding, and has made me a better artiste, but it also makes me live in my own bubble. My mom keeps asking me, 'What do you read in that room the whole day?' Once I am into a book, I will finish it."

"I know people who enjoy having 10 people running around and doing things for them. I don't. I feel awkward in such situations. It gives you a false sense of importance."

"In a lot of ways, if I were ambitious about anything - besides my career - I'd be ambitious about love. Ambitious in the sense that I really hope to find true love."

"I want to get fitter. And yes, I'm learning hot yoga to get a bikini body. I don't believe one has to sport a size-zero figure to flaunt it. One just needs a fit, sexy and toned body."

"I'm a socially concerned citizen of India. I have strong views on issues of social and political relevance. But it's very difficult to voice it in an intelligent manner without it sounding contrived. Because people think you're saying or doing all this as a PR exercise, not from your heart."

"No relationship works without making an effort. That goes without saying. But you should never overcompensate."

"I could never fall in love just for money. I like my co-stars, and they are a bunch of good-looking men. But I've dated an actor. My dream man has to be a lot more than just good looking and rich!"

"For some people, the highlight of their entire month could be going out and eating a pizza or watching a movie at a multiplex, and here I am visiting four countries in a month. So, in that way, movies have made me socially aware. I now know how simple people live their lives."

"As actors, we want to choose somebody who has conflicts. I can't be always playing the girl next door. What's the challenge in that?"

Sonam Kapoor Movies List

Year Title Role
2015 Dolly Ki Doli Dolly
2015 Prem Ratan Dhan Payo  
2014 Bewakoofiyaan Maira Sehgal
2014 Khoobsurat Dr. Milli Chakravarty
2013 Bombay Talkies Herself
2013 Raanjhanaa Zoya Haider
2013 Bhaag Milkha Bhaag Biro
2012 Players Naina Braganza
2011 tdank You Sanjana Malhotra
2011 Mausam Aayat Rasool
2010 I Hate Luv Storys Simran Kaur
2010 Aisha Aisha Kapoor
2009 Delhi-6 Bittu Sharma
2007 Saawariya Sakina

Sonam Kapoor Awards And Nominations

Year Film Award Category
2008 Saawariya Filmfare Awards Best Female Debut
Sony Head N Shoulders Fresh Face of the Year Award
Screen Awards Most Promising Newcomer
Jodi No. 1 -along with Ranbir Kapoor
Zee Cine Awards Best Female Debut
Stardust Awards Superstar of Tomorrow – Female
2010 Delhi-6 Asian Film Awards Best Newcomer
Screen Awards Best Actress -Popular Choice
Stardust Awards Superstar of Tomorrow – Female
2011 I Hate Luv Storys Stardust Awards Best Actress in a Comedy or Romance
2012 Thank You Stardust Awards Best Actress in a Comedy or Romance
  Zee Cine Awards International Icon – Female
2014 Raanjhanaa BIG Star Entertainment Awards Most Entertaining Actor in a Social/Drama Film - Female
Screen Awards Best Actress -Popular Choice
Filmfare Awards Best Actress
Zee Cine Awards Best Actress
2015 Khoobsurat Stardust Awards Best Actress in a Comedy or Romance
BIG Star Entertainment Awards Most Entertaining Actor in a Comedy Film - Female
Screen Awards Best Actress -Popular Choice
Filmfare Awards Best Actress
  Filmfare Glamour and Style Awards Most Glamorous Star -Female
  Most Stylish Star -Female
  Global Icon of the year -Female
  Trendsetter of the Year