Snake Eyes Criminal Minds Season 7 Episode 13

Criminal Minds Season 7 Episode 13

Aired on: CBS
Time & Slot: Wednesday 9PM ET
Last aired episode: Snake Eyes on 02/08/2012

Snake Eyes Criminal Minds Season 7 Episode 13

This week’s episode deals with mob murders in Atlantic City and how the BAU chase and nab the killer.

JJ calls up Penelope on Sunday to inform her about a big chase. Penelope on the other hand got too close to Morgan after she had a fight with him. The team meets up and discusses the murder. A mob star named Savino has been killed where 8$ and eight playing cards are found near the body. Meanwhile the unsubtle Curtis is back and calling people. He starts winning money and a lady comes up and speaks to him.

Mean while, Prentiss and Reid go to Savino’s office and visits the crime scene. When they ask for video TV footage leading to the crime, they get to know that Savino had asked not to take footage. This got them thinking that Savino must have been hiding some facts.

Curtis’s wife Teri is apparently not happy with his lifestyle and asks for a divorce from him. She is worried that they might lose their home while Curtis comforts her saying that he will win money in poker and save their home.

The team meets up to discuss the progress and one thing comes into light that Savino used to lend money to casino owners. Mean while a high class escort gets killed and the team visits the crime scene. It is the same lady whom Curtis had met in the casino.

The team profiles the murderer as someone who is a gambler and also suffers from psychotic disorder. He has no criminal records and must be fit physically to carry out the crimes. The team thinks that he is an addict and might go on killing people with no criminal records.

Curtis next targets his friend Eddie as he feels he is part of the system. The BAU team concludes that since the victim has been attacked from the back, the victim must be someone closer to the killer. They visit the casino and see Curtis. They find out that the next target can be his wife or her sister who lives in vicinity. The BAU team runs to Teri’s sister’s house where they find Curtis. Though he lets go off the sister, he tells he won’t let his wife go as it is because of her that he has been a looser throughout his life. Rossi then tells Curtis that it is not his wife, but his father who has left in him the addiction. Curtis then kills himself.

Meanwhile Garcia speaks to Penelope and says that nothing had transpired between them the other night and she shouldn’t lose Kevin as he is special.