Send Out The Clowns Modern Family Season 3 Episode 18

Modern Family Season 3 Episode 18

Aired on: ABC
Time & Slot: Wednesday, 9pm ET
Last aired episode on: 03/14/2012
Episode name: Send out the clowns

Send Out The Clowns Modern Family Season 3 Episode 18

Cameron, who was once a clown, attends the funeral of his mentor in full clownish attire. Many other clowns also attend the ceremony and Cam suddenly meets Lewis, who is also the guest star of the episode, Bobby Cannavale. Although all others are very sad at the demise of their mentor, Lewis is the only one who is putting up a brave face.

Lewis and Cam were once partners and used to be very big hits in kids parties. But later Cam dissolved the team. Lewis is unable to let go of the fact and is still mad at Cam. They meet up and decide to put up one last show in which Lewis hits Cam with a frying pan to vent out his anger.

Phil is excited as his career is about to flourish with the biggest listing of his life, but alas as fate has something else planned for him. Mitzi Roth, played by Ellen Barkin enters the scene as the most notorious and unscrupulous real estate agent whose job is to poach away clients from ethical realtors. And she will leave no stone unturned to destroy Phil’s dream. Phil has to fight her but realizes that to win; he also has to play dirty with her.

So he decides to spy on her by borrowing Luke’s spy pen. But the shark woman soon realizes this and soon swipes the spy pen by giving Phil a friendly hug.

Luke bumps off with Mitzi at a supermarket and laments about how his dad is worried about the money. This moves Mitzi and she lands up at Dunphy household next day to say that Phil would get his dream listing. But the story doesn’t end here. This incident was preplanned by Phil and Luke to snatch the deal and it worked.

Griffin, one of the coolest kids in school is coming to hang with Manny. But Jay thinks otherwise. He feels Griffin is coming to spend time with him and not Manny. But Griffin actually has a crush on Gloria and comes to spend time in the family. He also invites the whole family for a pool party.

Manny hears to the conversation of his mom and Jay and understands Griffin’s purpose. But he is ok with it as he wants to use Griffin to get close to his younger sister. The family decides to go to pool party.