Secrets NCIS Season 9 Episode 15

NCIS Season 9 Episode 15

Aired on: CBS
Time & Slot: Tuesday, 9 PM ET
Last aired episode: Secrets
Last aired date: 02/14/2012

Secrets NCIS Season 9 Episode 15

This week’s episode of NCIS was a mix of crime solving, fun and relationships of the actors.

The episode specifically focuses on DiNozzo’s ex-fiancée Wendy (Perrey Reeves) whom he meets again. There is relation between last episodes “what if” as Tony also finds himself thinking how his life would be after he suddenly meets Wendy. Tony has not met Wendy in last nine and half years. She had badly dumped Tony at the altar. Tony thinks Wendy had not left him and is in the NCIS at present. He also thinks he would not be as cheerful and satisfied with his life.  He tries to put this relation in the corner and march forward in his life.
Gibbs tries to patch things up between Tony and Wendy. Wendy on the other hand explains herself on why she dumped Tony and says that she is now ready to accept right person in her life. It seems she is again trying to finish unfinished things with Tony. Wendy also draws parallels between Gibbs and Tony. But Tony doesn’t seem too interested in rekindling the old romance as he feels this may not bring in a happy future. Tony is not ready to take the plunge because Wendy was not truthful to him. She left him at the altar and she is also a mother of a son (whose father is someone else).

Wendy has now become an investigative reporter and was almost on the verge of death, thanks to her profession. On the other hand Wendy’s father is a corrupt and murderous real agent developer who tried to kill her.

The episode was fun filled with humorous acting by the cast. It was unconventional also.