Scandal Revenge Season 1 Episode 16

Revenge Season 1 Episode 16

Aired on: ABC
Time & Slot: Wednesday.9pm ET
Last aired episode: 02/29/2012: “Scandal”

Scandal Revenge Season 1 Episode 16

The episode started in the police station as all members of the family were there after Tyler was murdered last week. Daniel, who was blood-stained, told police that he does not remember anything. But Ashley, the media crazy assistant of Victoria leaked Daniel’s blood stained pictures in the internet to prove that he killed Tyler. Jack on the other hand thinks that Amanda is the murderer and she is covering it up by blaming Daniel. Emily is disturbed as she is in love with Daniel and wants to see him saved.

Though Conrad and Victoria cannot see eye to eye after their secret came out, yet in order to save Daniel they are together and will leave no stone unturned. Conrad hires the best lawyer of the city to save his son. But Daniel has had some past run with the law like drunk driving cases. The real truth about David Clarke also comes out as it is revealed that Conrad was supporting the terrorist gang which attacked the flight and Clarke was wrongly accused so that Conrad is safe. Declan is worried about Jack, who was supposed to be in Haiti but was present at the crime scene. And not only that, Jack has a blood stained hoodie which could act as evidence.

Brooks, Daniel’s lawyer finds out about Amanda (the framed one) and doubts if she is the one to frame Daniel for the murder because of her hatred towards Grayson’s family. This spells disaster for Jack and Declan is very worried for his brother. Daniel also is in trouble as his prints are there on Emily’s gun and to top it, gunshot residue is there on his hands.

There is a flashback shown in which Tyler tells Daniel that Emily is here to destroy his family and all the evidences are there underneath Emily’s floorboards. Daniel then goes to her house to find the box but it was previously hidden by Emily. Emily says that she went to her house to get fresh clothes for Daniel once body of Tyler was found.

Takeda is the one who killed Tyler and took Amanda in his custody. It is to be seen what will happen to Amanda in the next episode.Takeda also warns Emily to tell her that they could save only one, either Jack or Daniel. If one is saved, the other will be charged for the crime.