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Reba McEntire Tour 


All The Women I Am Tour
Tour by Reba McEntire
Associated album All the Women I Am
Start date March 15, 2014
End date September 20, 2014
Legs 2
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All the Women I Am Tour(2014)

Reba McEntire Opening Act

  • Victoria Banks (Canada)
  • The JaneDear Girls (Bangor)
  • Shana Stack Band (Gilford)
  • The Band Perry (United States)
  • Edens Edge (United States)
  • Steel Magnolia (United States)

Reba McEntire Setlist

  1. "All the Women I Am"
  2. "Strange"
  3. "The Fear of Being Alone"
  4. "Somebody's Chelsea"
  5. "The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia"
  6. "Is There Life Out There"
  7. Medley:
    1. "Somebody"
    2. "Till You Love Me"
    3. "You Lie
    4. "Fallin' Out of Love"
    5. "I Keep On Loving You"
    6. "And Still"
    7. "Whoever's in New England"
  8. "I Want a Cowboy"
  9. "The Greatest Man I Never Knew"
  10. "Nothing to Lose"
  11. Medley:
    1. "How Blue"
    2. "The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter"
    3. "Walk On"
    4. "I'd Rather Ride Around with You"
    5. "Can't Even Get the Blues"
  12. "Does He Love You" (performed with Kimberly Perry)
  13. "Consider Me Gone"
  14. "I'm a Survivor"
  15. "Because of You"
  16. "Take It Back"
  17. "Why Haven't I Heard from You"
  18. "Turn On the Radio"
  1. "Fancy"
  2. "Back in the U.S.A." (performed with The Band Perry and Edens Edge)

Reba McEntire Dates 2014


15 March, 2014

Laughlin United States NV

03 May, 2014

Durant United States OK

18 May, 2014

Bethlehem United States PA

23 May, 2014

Baton Rouge United States LA

20 September, 2014

Centreville United States MI

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