Ram Gopal Varma

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Full Name :

Penmetsa Ram Gopal Varma

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Date of Birth :

7th April 1962



Height :


Born Place :

Hyderabad, India


Film director, producer and writer

Personal Details

  • Mother's : -
  • Father's : Krishnam Raju Varma
  • Sibling's : -
  • Education : Engineering
  • Residence : -
  • Spouse : Ratna Varma
  • Children's : Revathi Varma (Daughter) ,

Ram Gopal Varma Latest and Upcoming Movies

Patta Pagalu

Dec 2016


May 2016

365 Days

22nd May 2015

Ab Tak Chhappan 2

27th Feb 2015

Ice Cream 2

21st Nov 2014

Ice Cream

12th Jul 2014


4th Apr 2014

26/11 India Pai Daadi

1st Mar 2013


Nov -0001

Ram Gopal Varma Personal Details :

Company:  Varma Corporation Ltd.

Debut Film: Shiva 1989.

As a Director: Phoonkh -The Black Magic Story in 2008, Contract in 2008, Sarkar Raj in 2008, Darling in 2007, Ram Gopal Varma Ki Aag in 2007, Nishabd in 2007, Darna Zaroori Hai in 2006, Shiva in 2006, Sarkar in 2005, Naach in 2004, Bhoot in 2003, Darna Mana Hai in 2003, Company in 2002, Jungle in 2000, Mast in 1999,Kaun in 1999, Prema Katha in 1999,,Satya in 1998, Daud in 1997, Anaganaga Oka Roju in 1997, Deyyam in 1996, Rangeela in 1995, Govinda Govinda in 1993, Gaayam / Desam in 1993, Raathri / Raat in 1992, Antham / Drohi in 1992,Kshana Kshanam in 1990, Shiva in 1989.

As a Writer: Sarkar Raj in 2008, Ram Gopal Varma Ki Aag in 2007, Darna Zaroori Hai in 2006, Shock in 2006, Shool in 1999,Daud in 1997,Deyyam in 1996, Rangeela in 1995,Thiruda Thiruda in 1994, Govinda Govinda in 1993, Gaayam / Desam in 1993, Raathri / Raat in 1992, Antham / Drohi in 1992,Kshana Kshanam in 1990, Shiva in 1989.

Ram Gopal Varma Awards

National Film Awards
  • National Film Award for Best Feature Film in Hindi (writer and producer) – Shool – 1999

Nandi Awards

  • Nandi Award for Best Director – Siva (1989)
  • Nandi Award for Best First Film of a Director - Siva (1989)
  • Nandi Award for Best Director – Kshana Kshanam (1991)
  • Nandi Award for Best Feature Film - Silver - Money - (1993)
  • Nandi Award for Best Director – Prema Katha (1999)
  • Nandi Award for Best Feature Film - Bronze – Prema Katha (1999)

Filmfare Awards

  • Filmfare Critics Award for Best Movie – Satya (1998)
  • Filmfare Best Story Award – Rangeela (1995)

Bollywood Movie Award – Best Director

  • Satya (1998)
  • Jungle (2000)
  • Company (2002)
  • Bhoot (2003)

Ram Gopal Varma Filmography

Year Film Language Role
1989 Siva Telugu Director, Writer
1991 Shiva Hindi Director
1991 Kshana Kshanam Telugu Director, Writer
1992 Antham / Drohi Hindi / Telugu Director, Writer
1992 Raat Hindi Director, Producer, Writer
1993 Gaayam Telugu Director, Writer
1993 Money Telugu Producer
1994 Govinda Govinda Telugu Director, Writer
1994 Thiruda Thiruda Tamil Writer
1995 Rangeela Hindi Director, Producer, Writer
1995 Money Money Telugu Producer
1996 Deyyam Telugu Director, Writer
1996 Gulabi Telugu Producer
1997 Anaganaga Oka Roju Telugu Director, Producer, Writer
1997 Daud Hindi Director, Writer
1998 Satya Hindi Director, Producer
1998 Dil Se.. Hindi Producer
1998 Wife of V. Varaprasad Telugu Producer
1999 Prema Katha Telugu Director
1999 Kaun Hindi Director
1999 Mast Hindi Director
1999 Shool Hindi Producer, Writer
2000 Jungle Hindi Director
2001 Love Ke Liye Kuchh Bhi Karega Hindi Producer
2001 Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya Hindi Producer
2002 Company Hindi Director
2002 Road Hindi Producer
2003 Bhoot Hindi Director
2003 Ek Hasina Thi Hindi Producer
2003 Darna Mana Hai Hindi Producer
2004 Ab Tak Chhappan Hindi Producer
2004 Vaastu Shastra Hindi Producer
2004 Gayab Hindi Producer
2004 Naach Hindi Director
2004 Madhyanam Hathya Telugu Director
2005 Shabri Hindi Producer
2005 My Wife's Murder Hindi Producer
2005 Main Madhuri Dixit Banna Chahti Hoon Hindi Producer
2005 D Hindi Producer
2005 James Hindi Producer
2005 Sarkar Hindi Director
2005 Mr Ya Miss Hindi Producer
2006 Darwaza Bandh Rakho Hindi Producer
2006 Shock Telugu Producer, Writer
2006 Shiva Hindi Director, Producer
2006 Darna Zaroori Hai Hindi Director, Producer
2007 Nishabd Hindi Director, Producer
2007 Ram Gopal Varma Ki Aag Hindi Director, Producer, Writer
2007 Darling Hindi Director
2007 Go Hindi Producer
2008 Sarkar Raj Hindi Director, Producer, Writer
2008 Contract Hindi Director
2008 Phoonk Hindi Director
2009 Agyaat Hindi Director, Producer,
2010 Rann Hindi Director
2010 Rakta Charitra Hindi, Telugu Director
2010 Phoonk 2 Hindi Producer
2011 Katha Screenplay Darshakatvam Appalaraju Telugu Director, Writer
2011 Dongala Mutha Telugu Director
2011 Bejawada Telugu Producer, Writer
2011 Not a Love Story Hindi Director
2012 Department Hindi Director
2012 Bhoot Returns Hindi Director
2013 The Attacks of 26/11 Hindi Director, Writer
2013 Psycho Telugu Producer, Writer
2013 Satya 2 Telugu/Hindi Director
2014 Rowdy Telugu Director
2014 Ice Cream Telugu Director
2014 Anukshanam Telugu Director
2014 Ice Cream 2 Telugu Director
2014 Sridevi Telugu Director
2014 Patta Pagalu Telugu Director
2014 Ab Tak Chhappan 2 Hindi Producer
2014 XES Hindi Director

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