Psych Out NCIS Season 9 Episode 16

NCIS Season 9 Episode 16

Aired on: Tuesday, 9 PM ET
Last episode: 'Psych Out' on 02/21/2012

Psych Out NCIS Season 9 Episode 16

The episode begins with two thieves hearing a nose when they try to get in a house. They find a body hanging from a rope inside the house and hear gunshots. The body is of Dr. Robert Banks, a Navy psychiatrist. When the BAU team arrives at the crime scene the thieves tell them that they haven’t stolen anything and Dr Banks was dead when they came in.

Dr. Robert worked as a consultant in some secret services of Pentagon related to psychiatry. He was a master of mental manipulations, a special program of Pentagon against enemies of the state. Rachel, Dr. Bank’s friend arrives in the crime scene and says that this could not be a case of suicide. The doctor was behaving differently for last few days and he was disturbed by the ongoing divorce issues of his daughter. He wanted Rachel to help his daughter in this. Beth also says that Robert had a policy of $4 million of which she and Amber are beneficiaries.

Dr. Samantha Ryan is the head of the PsyOps and she was also a friend of Robert. She and Rachel were school friends. Samantha informs the team about Mitchell with whom Robert was working. But Rachel warns Gibbs not to trust Samantha and Robert may be a victim of the same mind games that he played with others. Mitchell says that he is being reassigned. Ducky informs that though Robert dies because of hanging but already he had problems with his liver and kidney. He was taking depression inducing drugs as someone intentionally changed his medication and now the major question was who was behind all this. Samantha’s secretary gives Gibbs a list of Robert’s operation. Gibbs finds some threads which points at the possible murder of Robert.

Gibbs and his team try all possible ways to extract information on the secret mission on which Robert was working and finally Samantha admits that they wanted to destabilize Iran’s nuclear mission by performing PsyOps on their scientists and Iran has already found this out. She also assures of helping the team to find out Robert’s killer. Meanwhile it is found that someone was playing mind games with Robert and they think Kyle is the suspect. Kyle again calls for Simon an undercover agent for DEA.

McGee gets hold of Samantha’s cell phone and gets Mitchell’s number. Gibbs and Ziva overhear Mitchell and Amber speaking about the mess up of the plan and Mitchell mentions that if they are caught she won’t get any money. Rachel is shocked to hear that Amber used her to carry out the murder of Robert. Samantha calls up Gibbs to thank him in solving the case and both decide to go on a date.