Piranha 3d

Piranha 3D movie posterPiranha 3d MoviePoster Piranha 3d Movie Directed by Alexandre Aja
Piranha 3d Movie Produced by Alexandre Aja
Mark Canton
Grégory Levasseur
Piranha 3d Movie Written by Pete Goldfinger
Josh Stolberg
Alexandre Aja
Grégory Levasseur
Piranha 3d Movie Starring Adam Scott
Elisabeth Shue
Jerry O'Connell
Ving Rhames
Jessica Szohr
Kelly Brook
Steven R. McQueen
Eli Roth
Piranha 3d Movie Music by Michael Wandmacher
Piranha 3d Movie Editing by Baxter
  Piranha 3d Movie Distributed by The Weinstein Company
Dimension Films
Entertainment Film Distributors (UK)
  Piranha 3d Movie Release date August 20, 2010 (2010-08-20)
  Country United States
  Language English
  Piranha 3d Movie Budget $24,000,000 (Estimated)

Piranha 3d Movie Cast And Character

Cast Character
Adam Scott Novak Radzinsky
Elisabeth Shue Sheriff Julie Forester
Ving Rhames Lt. Bishop Welleger
Steven R. McQueen Jake Forester
Sage Ryan Zane Forester
Brooklynn Proulx Laura Forester
Jessica Szohr Kelly Driscoll
Kelly Brook Danni Arslow
Riley Steele Bitch Im The Bomb!!
Dina Meyer Paula Montellano
Ricardo Chavira Ricky "Martin" Montez
Cody Longo Todd Dupree
Paul Scheer Andrew Cunningham
Brian Kubach Brett Davies
Jason Spisak Deputy Taylor Roberts
Richard Dreyfuss Dr. Gordon Raybanks
Jerry O'Connell Derrick Jones
Christopher Lloyd Mr. Goodman
Brooke Andrews The Ferret Lady
Craig Dawson Francis James
Maarsen Roney Timmy Booth
Eli Roth Contest emcee
Carly Strauss Spring Break Partier
Michael Silas John Moon

Piranha 3d MoviePoster

piranha 3d movie poster

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Piranha 3d MovieRelease Date

Country Date
Netherlands 24 March 2010
Netherlands 25 March 2010
Iceland 26 March 2010
UK 26 March 2010
France 31 March 2010
Spain 31 March 2010
Australia 1 April 2010
Germany 1 April 2010
Greece 1 April 2010
Mexico 1 April 2010
Switzerland 1 April 2010
Austria 2 April 2010
Belgium 7 April 2010
Switzerland 7 April 2010
Kazakhstan 22 April 2010
Kuwait 22 April 2010
Russia 22 April 2010
Estonia 30 April 2010
Bosnia and Herzegovina 13 May 2010
Argentina 27 May 2010
Hungary 27 May 2010
Poland 28 May 2010
Finland 4 June 2010
Italy 4 June 2010
Malaysia 10 June 2010
Portugal 10 June 2010
Singapore 10 June 2010
Romania 11 June 2010
Turkey 11 June 2010
Sweden 23 July 2010
Denmark 29 July 2010
South Korea 29 July 2010
Norway 30 July 2010
Brazil 20 August 2010
Canada 20 August 2010
USA 20 August 2010