Perception Revenge Season 1 Episode 14

Revenge Season 1 Episode 14

Aired on: ABC
Day: Wednesday
Slot: 10 PM
Last episode aired on: 8/2/2012
Episode name: Perception

Perception Revenge Season 1 Episode 14

As Emily and Daniel’s engagement is approaching, they have their photo shoot done. Grandpa Grayson pays a visit to Charlotte but she is still unaware that Davis Clarke is her real father. Jack finds a hidden tape under his bed which is an interview of Amanda/Mason and he is curious to know more about real Em.Jack wants to watch the tape but he is unable to do so as no one has a tape player in these modern times. But there is a twist as Nolan has a tape player but he is prohibited from giving it to Jack by Em as she doesn’t want Jack to know anything about her past. But this puts the real Emily in corner. The real Emily is caught in a bad situation with fake Emily’s plan; she has to retrieve the tape from Jack without him watching it although she wanted him to watch it. She must not let Jack know the reason behind its disappearance.

The real Emily meets Jack in a motel to get back the tape as instructed by fake Emily but Jack refuses to listen. When Jack confronts Emily about the tape she gets nervous as she loves him. Though Jack is hesitant to move, Emily chases his car.

Mean while it is shown that the fake Emily and Daniel had earlier met but Daniel does not know that it’s her as she was in disguise.
On the other hand, Nolan and Jack watch the tape. The tape shows Amanda looking out for Victoria who was always there for her and she wants her back to solve the mess of her life.

The main highlight of the episode was the family engagement dinner. Fake Emily prepares to tell Charlotte that David is her father of which she has a confession tape. In the midst of dinner Jack breaks in and shouts at Victoria for not helping Amanda in difficult times. Conrad tells Charlotte that David is her father and she is disturbed hearing this news. Conrad also tells the guests that his wife has an affair with David to which Daniel reacts violently.

Fake Emily later goes home and finds that the revenge box is missing. She finds an RSVP to the party from Emily Thorne.