Palmdale Ech Two and a Half Men Season 9 Episode 19

Two and a Half Men Season 9 Episode 19

Aired on: CBS
Time & slot: 9 PM Monday
Last aired episode: “Palmdale, ech”: 03/19/2012

Palmdale Ech Two and a Half Men Season 9 Episode 19

Zoey is not in town and Walden speaks to her on phone. Jake and Eldridge make fun of him and Walden assures Zoey that Jake and Alan will not live with him forever.

Walden tells the young couple how he made his 1st million at the age of 20 and both seems to follow suit. Also Eldridge informs that Alan will meet her grandmother today.

Lyndsey is excited that her mom will meet Alan and they go to pick up her mom. But she warns Alan that her mom is a tough nut to crack and says that she used to hate her family and tried to kill her father. Lyndsey asks Alan not to mention anything about politics or religion and about the show The Price is Right. Jake wants to know if Walden will marry Zoey. Walden responds that though he loves her, yet he is apprehensive about the whole step father thing. But Jake says that he has had no problem to accept his step father. Jake also proclaims that he is not a virgin and Eldridge says he’s not sure if he is or not.

Jean (Georgia Engel) meets Alan and he compliments her on how well she has raised Lyndsey. They plan to meet up on Sunday at Santa Monica Pier. Also as both the moms are tough ladies, Alan and Lyndsey think that their moms can get along well and decide to arrange for a meeting.

Jake and Eldridge tell Walden that they would graduate this year and they would join his company as consultants. They would give idea as to what appeals the younger generations for which the company can design suitable apps.They ask Walden if they can take his expensive car to a party to which Walden disagrees and decides to drop them instead.

Alan’s mom Evelyn is not happy that she has to meet Jean as she does not like to meet old people. She is also angry that Alan has invited her for dinner after so many years. Besides she says she does not like the place called “Palmdale, ech” where Jean lives.

The dinner had a rocky start and gets worse. But after dinner the moms go out together to a dance club.

Walden is driving the kids to the party but the address is not known and they land up in creepy guy’s house who wants to lure people inside but escape from there. They meet few girls at a restaurant and try to hook up with them

The next morning Alan finds his mom at Lyndsey’s place. The moms have become so close that they kiss!