One Step Too Far Grey's Anatomy Season 8 Episode 17

Grey’s Anatomy Season 8

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Last aired episode: 03/15/2012
Episode name: “One step too far”

One Step Too Far Greys Anatomy Season 8 Episode 17

In the episode titled “One step Too Far” the character of the show take steps that are too far that they can prove detrimental to their as well as others lives.

Catherine, Jackson Avery’s mother returns in the episode and she is concerned about the well being of her son. Like all mothers she thinks she knows what is best for her son, and in the process does some ridiculous stuff which according to her is quite fine. She also constantly flirts with Richard Webber. She tries to use a sexy doctor puppet to take entry into her son’s life. The episode also deals with how Webber is trying hard to deal with Adele, his Alzheimer’s wife.

Meredith and Derek have a problem and poor Lexie is mixed up in this. Derek asked Meredith to join him in neurology department. So Meredith and Lexie take charge. But Derek has some temper issues and he badly yells at both of them. Also he ignored Meredith.

Morgan is smitten with Alex and Callie understands this. Meredith and Christina make some joke regarding this. But if Alex is equally smitten by Morgan remains to be seen.

Christina is disturbed and always keeps on thinking of Owen really is cheating on her. She stays awake night after night thinking what is driving her crazy. While Christina is too engrossed in her grief, her patient also suffers. The patient is trying hard to cope with the death of husband. Also the nurse, who is working with Christina in the present case thinks that Owen has cheated on her who makes Christina all the more tensed. Christina gets angry and snaps the nurse and asks her to stop being with her husband. The nurse Emily confesses that although she is a little flirty in nature, but she has never been with Owen.
When n finally Owen and Christina speak to each other, Owen confesses of having cheated on his wife. But he says that it’s not Emily but somebody else. Christina is shattered and in tears.

Guest stars: Sumer Glau, James Avery, Debbie Allen, and Rebecca Hazelwood.