Not in My Mouth Two and a Half Men Season 9 Episode 17

Two and a Half Men Season 9 Episode 17

Aired on: CBS, 9PM Monday

Last Aired Episode: 02/20/2012; “Not in my mouth”

Not in My Mouth Two and a Half Men Season 9 Episode 17

This week’s episode focuses on the relationships. While returning from SFO after a dinner, Walden’s private jet is about to plumage and Walden decides to proclaim his love for Zoey but she only replies by saying that she doesn’t want to die which makes Walden rethink and question their relationship.

Alan on the other hand also has questions regarding his relationship with Lyndsey as she has a drinking problem though Lynsdsey denies this. Alan and Lyndsey also face problem in saying the three magical words and no one is willing to say it first.

The next morning Walden discusses with Alan and thinks if he should break up with Zoey but Alan tells him that some people require more time than others to confess love. Lyndsey, on the other hand is throwing out in Alan’s bathroom. Walden thinks this is the best time to break up as Zoey would be going for an England trip for a few weeks. Lyndsey now starts to throw up both ways.

Walden goes to meet Zoey in her apartment where he is greeted by Nigel, her ex husband. Walden tries to discuss the relation with Zoey but she says that she need not confess her love in a pressurized way. Walden thinks that Zoey has rejected him and leaves her place, dejected about the whole thing called love, only to meet a blonde in the elevator. He brings her home. But Alan explains Walden that he should not break up only because his partner is late in saying I love you. Just when things seem right between Jennifer and Walden, Zoey calls up to say that she is sorry for whatever has happened but in the video call she sees Jennifer and hangs up. Walden now decides to go to England to woo her back. He asks Alan to accompany him. Alan, Lyndsey and Walden head off to England. In the chopper, Lyndsey drinks again and stars vomiting. Finally, they reach England and Walden speaks to Zoey. Alan is his alibi that nothing has happened between him and Jennifer. But Zoey refuses to listen as she thinks that Alan his lying. But somehow Walden is able to make Zoey realize that he is true and she proclaims her love for him. But she is worried that Walden will try other girls out if they have a fight. Walden promises that this won’t happen if Zoey is with him. Seeing them, Alan and Lyndsey too confess their love but Lyndsey again tries to throw up to which Alan says “Not in my mouth” from which the episode gets its name. At the end it’s all happiness and love for both the couples. Jake, on the other hand is trying his hands with Jennifer who has no idea where Walden is or when he will return in the beach house.