Noirland Movie

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Director: Ramzi Abed

Producer: Esther Goodstein

Language: English

Genre : Crime , Horror , Mystery

Noirland Movie Release Date :

Cinematography by

Ramzi Abed
Jean Luc Meisel

Casting by

Randall Fogwhistle

Art Direction by

Ramzi Abed

Makeup Department

Karry Brown -key makeup artist
Alexis Buchinsky -key hair stylist
Mary Jane -makeup artist
Katarina Schmoranzer -makeup artist


Twink Caplan - Dr. Zelda Berman
Ford Austin - Detective Schiller
James Duval - Tiberius Malloy
Lorielle New - Polly
Rena Riffel - Elektra Wishnow
Lloyd Kaufman - The Doctor
Silvia Suvadova - Molly
Victor of Aquitaine - Xerxes
Elissa Dowling - Penelope
Wendy McColm - Victoria Finn
Luke Y. Thompson - Ulysses
Bianca Barnett - The Woman Downstairs
Hollie Stevens - Tabitha (as Holly Stevens)
Lenora Claire - The Baroness
Gregory Hatanaka - Sho

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1st January 1970