Need To Know NCIS Season 9 Episode 17

NCIS Season 9 Episode 17

Aired on: CBS
Time & Slot: Tuesday, 9 PM ET
Last aired episode: 02/28/2012
 Episode Name: Need to know

Need To Know NCIS Season 9 Episode 17

The NCIS team investigates the murder of Wiley, a Petty Officer who was murdered by a satellite signal which ultimately impacted his pacemaker. The main suspect is Agah Bayar, an international arms dealer.

But an interesting angle came out when Gibbs found out that Wiley dies of fast heartbeat whereas he was being treated for slow heartbeat. The team visits Wiley’s apartment and find only $43 and a Rolex watch.
Gibbs decides to have a face to face meeting with Agah Bayar. The team decides that a tracking device will be places on Bayar’s Aston-Martin during the meeting. But nailing Bayar seems more difficult than presumed as he is a polished criminal. Also the DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency) was not cooperating with NCIS to solve the case. They felt that Vance and Gibbs needn’t need to know and that’s how the episode gets the name. The episode throws light on how NCIS is still not being looked upon with respect as the agency is considered small by federal investigative standards. NCIS often gets overlooked by bigger agencies like DIA.
Despite DIA not cooperating, the team finds out that the woman who was accompanying Bayar is a Russian spy. Her father was in KGB. But Gibbs soon learns that Wiley and Bayar were on same team and that DIA was trying to break a deal based on false intelligence reports. The whole thing was misdirected.

McGee and Ned Dornaget (Matt Jones) went off the hook and lost the Russian spy.Ned, as a new recruit was a mess as he kept on bumping into people, forgetting his gun. He tried to impress Gibbs with coffee but was not even able to hold his ID card properly. Vance feels that he is overworked and has difficulty balancing family life with professional life. Hearing this Gibbs asks him to go on a vacation. McGee specifies rules and other info to Ned, trying to behave like the senior agent. Ned also admitted that he is homosexual. Tim and Ned were apprehensive about how Gibbs reacts to this but thankfully he hasn’t learnt about it till now. Also Dorneget has a crush on Tony.