Miss World 2014

Miss World 2014
Date December 14, 2014
Venue ExCeL London, London, UK
Broadcaster E!, Star World
Entrants 137
Returns Cape Verde, Egypt, Israel, Myanmar, Sierra Leone, Suriname, Uruguay, Zimbabwe.

Miss World 2014 will be the 64th edition of the Miss World pageant which will be held in London on December 2014 Megan Young from thePhilippines will crown her successor at the end of the event.

Place of the event

As of now 59 delegates representing different countries from all over the world will participate in the Miss world 2014. Miss World 2014, the 64th edition of the most prestigious beauty pageant will be held on the December 2014 in London, United Kingdom. 

Miss World Prizes and Rewards

A woman who is both beautiful (inner beauty) and intelligent deserves the title of Miss World. The title winner will receive the official crown and also gets a cash prize. Besides, she will receive an exclusive set of jewelry and a yearlong stay in a luxurious apartment in London with salary. The champion of the miss world competition spends a year on traveling to represent Miss World organization and for different causes.

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Miss World 2013 Results

Miss World 2013
Date September 28, 2013
Venue Sentul International Convention Center,Sentul, Bogor, West Java,Indonesia 
Broadcaster RCTI, E!
Debuts Brunei, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau,Kosovo, Uzbekistan
Returns British Virgin Islands, CapeVerde, Ghana, Haiti, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Namibia, Romania, Samoa, Switzerland, Tunisia

Miss World is an international beauty pageant which is considered as the oldest surviving and most political pageant in the world. The pageant was established in UK in the year 1951 by Eric Morley. Every year the finals are managed by the Miss World Organization. As the Miss World contest is in line with its best suited motto “Beauty with a Purpose”, it has raised millions of pounds for children’s charity and also increased the tourism in different host countries.

In general, the Miss World finals is a month long event, with several preliminary galas and many other activities culminating in a globally telecast final show.

Place of the event

As of now 59 delegates representing different countries from all over the world will participate in the Miss world 2013. Miss World 2013, the 63rd edition of the most prestigious beauty pageant will be held on the 28 September 2013 in Indonesia at the Sentul International Convention Center. 

Yu Wenxia  of China PR, the current Miss world of 2012 will crown her successor at the end of the Miss World 2013.

Miss World 2013 Results

Final Result Contestant
Miss World 2013
  •  Philippines – Megan Young
1st Runner Up
  •  France – Marine Lorphelin
2nd Runner Up
  •  Ghana – Carranzar Naa Okailey Shooter
Top 6
  •  Brazil – Sancler Frantz
  •  Spain – Elena Ibarbia
  •  Gibraltar – Maroua Kharbouch
Top 10
  •  Australia – Erin Holland
  •    Nepal – Ishani Shrestha
  •  England – Kirsty Heslewood
  •  Indonesia – Vania Larissa
  •  Jamaica – Gina Hargitay
Top 20
  •  Aruba – Larissa Leeuwe
  •  Belgium – Noémie Happart
  •  Canada – Camille Munro
  •  Dominican Republic – Joely Bernat
  •  India – Navneet Dhillon
  •  Italy – Sarah Baderna
  •  Netherlands – Jacqueline Steenbeek
  •  Slovakia – Karolína Chomisteková
  •  Ukraine – Anna Zayachkivska
  •  United States – Olivia Jordan

Miss World 2013 Video

Continental Queens of Beauty

Continental Contestant
  •  Ghana – Naa Okailey Shooter
  •  Brazil – Sancler Franz
  •  Philippines – Megan Young
  •  Jamaica – Gina Hargitay
  •  Australia - Erin Holland
  •  France – Marine Lorphelin

Miss World Schedule 2013

Sept 3  Contestants arrive in Bali.
Sept 3-7  Contestant training, auditions, filming and rehearsals
Sept 5   Talent and Dances of the World Auditions
Sept 8  Miss World Golf Tournament 2013 at Nirwana Bali Golf Club
Sept 8  Miss World 2013 Opening Ceremony and Welcome Dinner
Sept 9  Miss World Sports Challenge
Sept 9  Miss World Beach Fashion 
Sept 10  Miss World Sports Challenge 
Sept 11  Contestants visit to the Mother Temple of Besakih 
Sept 13-14  Multimedia Award Presentation 
Sept 15  Miss World Beach Fashion Finalist Photo Shoot
Sept 16  Personality Interview Part 2
Sept 17  Miss World Talent Competition Finalist Announcement
Sept 19  Contestants Final Profile Shooting at Ayodya Resort Nusa Dua, Bali
Sept 20  Jeans for Genes Day
Sept 22-26  Miss World Final rehearsals
Sept 22  Miss World Talent Final Competition
Sept 23  Beauty with a Purpose Day
Sept 24  Miss World Top Model Finali
Sept 27  Miss World 2013 Dress rehearsal
Sept 28  63rd Miss World Finals
Sept 29  Contestants depart Bali

Miss World 2012 Winner

Miss World 2012 Winner

Miss World 2012 Pageant:

Miss World is a beauty contest counted among the top three beauty contests of the world. Established in the year 1951, the founder of the event Mr. Eric Morley is said to have used his PR skills and attracted more visitors than even the best world sports events of that time. It was held in London as part of the Festival of Britain.

Miss World 2012 When & Were:

The Miss World, 2012 is the 62nd edition of the contest and its grand finale will be held on August 18th in Ordos, China. The venue will be Dong Sheng Fitness Center Stadium. This year’s winner will be crowned by Miss World 2011 winner Ivian Sarcos of Venezuela. Official worldwide broadcasters of the extravaganza this year is CCTV.

Miss World 2012 Coronation Ball:

The Miss World, 2012 will commence as early as July 24th, 2012 with a grand opening ceremony to mark the beginning of 3 week long Miss World Festival. The 120 contestants from all over the world will contest the coveted title at various levels to earn points. The criteria are as follows: Beach beauty, Sports and Fitness, performing talent, top model, multimedia and beauty with a purpose.

Miss World 2012 Prizes & Rewards:

The winner will receive the official Miss World crown from her predecessor. She will also receive an exclusive jewellery gift hamper. The Miss World receives a year-long stay in a luxury apartment in London along with a salary. The winner participates in fundraising activities towards social causes during her tenure as the Miss World, 2012.

Miss World 2012 Final Result

Final Result Contestant
Miss World 2012
  •  China PR – Yu Wenxia
1st Runner-up
  •  Wales – Sophie Moulds
2nd Runner-up
  •  Australia – Jessica Kahawaty
Top 7
  •  South Sudan – Atong Demach
  •  Brazil – Mariana Notarangelo
  •  Jamaica – Deanna Robins
  •  India – Vanya Mishra
Top 15
  •  England  - Charlotte Holmes
  •  Indonesia – Ines Putri Tjiptadi
  •  Kenya – Shamim Nabil
  •  Mexico – Mariana Berumen
  •  Netherlands – Nathalie den Dekker
  •  Philippines – Queenierich Rehman
  •  Spain – Aránzazu Estévez
  •  United States – Claudine Book
Top 30
  •  Colombia  - Barbara Turbay
  •  Denmark – Iris Thomsen
  •  Dominican Republic – Sally Aponte Tejada
  •  Guadeloupe – Brigitte Golabkan
  •  Guam – Jeneva Bosko
  •  Guatemala – Monique Aparicio
  •  Israel – Shani Hazan
  •  Kazakhstan – Evgeniya Klishina
  •  Nepal – Shristi Shrestha
  •  Nigeria – Damiete Charles-Granville
  •  Northern Ireland – Tiffany Brien
  •  Panama – Maricely González
  •  Portugal – Melanie Vicente
  •  Puerto Rico – Janelee Chaparro
  •  Sweden – Sanna Jinnedal

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