List of Miss World Hosts

Year Hosts
2016 Seoul, Korea
2015 Mata Elang International Stadium, Jakarta, Indonesia
2014 London
2013 Myleene Klass, Kamal Ibrahim, Gwendoline Ruais, Jennifer Reoch,Francisco Escobar
2012 Myleene Klass, Jason Cook, Lily Wu, Ni Ran Mutu, Steve Douglas
2011 Angela Chow, Jason Cook, Steve Douglas
2010 Angela Chow, Steve Douglas
2009 Angela Chow, Michelle McLean and Steve Douglas
2008 Tumisho Masha and Angevla Chow
2007 Fernando Allende and Angela Chow
2006 Tim Vincent, Angela Chow and Grazyna Torbicka
2005 Tim Vincent and Angela Chow
2004 Troy McClain, Angela Chow and Lisa Snowdon
2003 Phil Keoghan, Amanda Byram and Angela Chow
2002 Sean Kanan and Claire Elizabeth Smith
2001 Jerry Springer and Claire Elizabeth Smith
2000 Jerry Springer and Rebecca de Alba
1999 Ulrika Johnson and Melanie Sykes
1998 Ronan Keating and Eden Harel
1997 Richard Steinmetz and Khanyi Dhlomo Mkhize
1996 Richard Steinmetz and Ruby Bhatia
1995 Richard Steinmetz, Jeff Trachta and Bobbie Eakes
1994 Richard Steinmetz, Suanne Braun and v
1993 Pierce Brosnan, Doreen Morris, Kim Alexis and Gina Tolleson
1992 Billy Dee Williams, Jerry Hall, Deborah Shelton, Doreen Morris and Suanne Braun
1991 Peter Marshall and Gina Tolleson
1990 Peter Marshall and Michelle Rocca
1989 Peter Marshall, Alexandra Bastedo and John Davidson
1988 Peter Marshall and Alexandra Bastedo
1987 Peter Marshall and Alexandra Bastedo
1986 Peter Marshall and Mary Stavin
1985 Peter Marshall and Anne Diamond
1984 Peter Marshall and Judith Chalmers
1983 Peter Marshall and Judith Chalmers
1982 Peter Marshall and Judith Chalmers
1981 Peter Marshall and Judith Chalmers
1980 Peter Marshall, Judith Chalmers and Anthony Newley
1979 Sacha Distel, Esther Rantzen, and Ray Moore
1978 Sacha Distel and Paul Burnett
1977 Andy Williams, and Ray Moore
1976 Sacha Distel, Patrick Lichfield, and Ray Moore
1975 David Vine and Ray Moore
1974 Michael Aspel and David Vine
1973 Michael Aspel and David Vine
1972 Michael Aspel and David Vine
1971 Michael Aspel and David Vine
1970 Michael Aspel, Keith Fordyce and Bob Hope
1969 Michael Aspel
1968 Michael Aspel
1967 Simon Dee
1966 Michael Aspel
1965 Michael Aspel
1964 Michael Aspel
1963 Michael Aspel
1962 Michael Aspel
1961 Michael Aspel
1960 Bob Hope
1959 Bob Hope
1958 Eric Morley
1957 Eric Morley
1956 Eric Morley
1955 Eric Morley
1954 Eric Morley
1953 Eric Morley
1952 Eric Morley
1951 Eric Morley

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