Miss World History

Miss world is the oldest and most prestigious international beauty pageant, introduced in 1951 by Eric Morley. It was first held as 'Festival Bikinis Contest' on 29th of July at the Lyceum Theater, London U. K. The motive behind the program was to honor, promote and cash the popular swim suit wear at the time. Out of the 26 very beautiful contestants who participated, twenty two year old Kiki Hakansson from Sweden won the pageant, she was prized £1,000 and a pearl necklace along with the Miss World title. This bikini contest was decided to be conducted as a onetime event, but with the proposal of Miss Universe pageant from the next year on, Morley decided to make the miss world an annual event.

After the fist contest, the bikinis were replaced by modest swimsuit and Kiki Hakansson became the first and the last person to be crowned in a bikini. The miss world for the next two decades was crowned in swim suit. With the advent of television, the popularity of the miss world contest rose and today it has with over 2.5 billion viewers every year. In the period from 1959 to 1979, the BBC broadcasted the event and after that, from1980 to 1988 Thames television took over the broadcast of the event. Today the program is broadcasted live and it is one of the most watched programs along with the Cricket World Cup and the Olympics.

In the year 1966, Reita Feria became the first Indian and the first Asian to be crowned Miss World. Twenty eight years later in the year 1994, India got the title a second time when the beautiful Indian model with olive green eyes, Aishwarya Rai who was also awarded the Miss Photogenic of the year, was crowned at the Sun City. That year was lucky for India; the 19 year old tall and slim Susmitha Sen from India got crowned as the 1994 Miss Universe. We can also say it was a lucky start as in the seven years from 1994; four Indian beauties won the Miss World pageant. The 46th Miss World 1996 was conducted on November 23 at Bangalore, India.

In 1970, on the twentieth Miss World contest, for the first time in Miss World history, two black women topped the contest when Jennifer Histen from Grenada swept the title and Pearl Jansen from South Africa became the first runner up.  Miss Agbani Darego, an 18 year old Nigerian computer science student and the fist miss world of the century is also the first African to win the title.

  In the year 1980, Julia Morley, Eric Morley's wife who became the chairwoman of the Miss World Organization after the death of her husband in the year 2000, coined the slogan "Beauty with a purpose" for the Miss World contest. The key objective of this is to raise fund for a worthy cause. Ever since then over $400 million USD have been increased in its name in the view of children's charities around the world. Among the recipient of the fund raiser are the Nelson Mandela Trust, Canada Cops for Cancer and SOS Children's Village. From that year the test of intelligence and personality was also taken into account during the contest, and inner beauty and brains also was considered to add to the beauty of a woman.

The last miss world contest was held at Johannesburg, South Africa on December 12 2009. One hundred twelve very beautiful women from different countries took part in the contest and 23 year old Kaine Aldorio of Gibraltar won the title. She was crowned by the Miss World 2008, Ksenia Sukinova of Russia at the event. This year, the Miss World content is planned to be held at Vietnam in the month of October or November. One twenty beautiful ladies representing different countries will participate in the Miss World 2010 at the end of this year.

Today the miss world competition is a very prestigious event and the most beautiful woman who takes the crown gets a cash prize and loads of beauty items, dresses and accessories. The viewers also can get their share of judgment as they get a chance to vote for their favorite contestant through internet before the main event. The Miss World title goes to the woman who is both beautiful and intelligent. Inner beauty and personality is also taken into account while choosing a winner. From 2003, the contest conducts a fast track events in the preliminaries to choose Beach Beauty, Miss Sports, Miss Talent and Beauty with a Purpose, and the winner to these titles are automatically qualified to enter the final round.

The champion of the miss world competition spends a year on traveling Miss World organization to represent and for different reasons. Aside from raising millions of pounds for the cause of charity, it has also increased the tourism in different host countries like, Sanya in China. Indeed Miss World contest has the best suited motto "Beauty with a Purpose."


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