Miss Virginia America 2014


Miss Virginia America Winners

Year Name Hometown Local Title Placement at Miss America
2013 Rosemary Willis Chesapeake    
2012 Rosemary Willis Chesapeake Miss Roanoke Valley  
2011 Elizabeth Crot Chesapeake Miss Arlington  
2010 Caitlin Uze Arlington Miss Greater Richmond Top 10 Semi-finalist
2009 Chinah Helmandollar Hardy Miss Smith Mountain Lake  
Caressa Cameron Fredericksburg Miss Arlington Winner at Miss America 2010
2008 Tara Wheeler Woodbridge Miss Arlington  
2007 Hannah Kiefer High Point, North Carolina Miss Mountain Empire 3rd runner-up at Miss America 2008
2006 Adrianna Sgarlata Fairfax Station Miss Arlington  
2005 Kristi Lauren Glakas Centreville Miss Apple Blossom Festival 3rd runner-up at Miss America 2006
2004 Mariah Rice Mechanicsville Miss Greater Richmond  
2003 Nancy Redd Martinsville Miss Martinsville-Henry County Top 10 at Miss America 2004
2002 Jennifer Pitts Arlington Miss Apple Blossom Festival  
2001 Meghan Shanley Virginia Beach Miss Hampton Holly Days Festival  
2000 Jacqueline Cook Colonial Heights Miss Hampton/Newport News  
1999 Crystal Evans (Lewis) Portsmouth Miss Lynchburg Festival  
1998 Nita Booth Tidewater Miss Tidewater  
Nicole Johnson Virginia Beach Miss Lynchburg Festival Winner at Miss America 1999
1997 Kelli Quick Lynchburg Miss Lynchburg Festival  
1996 Michelle Kang Fredericksburg Miss Apple Blossom Festival  
1995 Amber Medlin Virginia Beach Miss Virginia Beach  
Andrea Ballengee Yorktown Miss Hampton/Newport News  
1994 Cullen Johnson Norfolk Miss Central Shenandoah Valley 1st runner-up
1993 Nancy Glisson Williamsburg Miss Lynchburg Festival 4th runner-up
1992 Lora Flattum Isle of Wight Miss Apple Blossom Festival  
1991 Sheri Huffman Lynchburg Miss Amhearst County  
1990 Shannon DePuy Lynchburg Miss Amhearst County Top 10 Semi-finalist
1989 Tami Elliott Newport News Miss Portsmouth-Seawall Festival  
1988 April Fleming Richmond Miss Richmond  
1987 Heidi Lammi Alexandria Miss Northern Virginia Top 10 Semi-finalist
1986 Julianne Smith Yorktown Miss Williamsburg 1st runner-up
1985 Kimberly Johnson Coeburn Miss Lonesome Pine  
1984 Susan Parker Covington Miss Alleghany Highlands  
1983 Lisa Aliff Roanoke Miss Vinton Dogwood Festival  
1982 Beverly Cooke Richmond Miss Portsmouth-Seawall Festival  
1981 Vicky Pulliam Martinsville Miss Martinsville/Henry County  
1980 Holly Jereme Roanoke Miss Roanoke Valley  
1979 Darlene McIntosh Chesapeake Miss Chesapeake  
1978 Paige Brown* Alexandria Miss Fairfax County  
Kylene Barker Galax Miss Pulaski County Winner
1977 Terri Bartlett Newport News Miss Norfolk  
1976 Pamela Polk Richmond Miss Peanut Festival Top 10 Semi-finalist
1975 Joan Grady Virginia Beach Miss Virginia Beach  
1974 Stephanie Dowdy Virginia Beach Miss Virginia Beach  
1973 Elinda Vandeventer Pulaski Miss Pulaski  
1972 Dona Marie Pillow Lynchburg Miss Lynchburg  
1971 Linda Moyer Norfolk Miss Norfolk  
1970 Jeannette Smith Roanoke Miss Roanoke Valley  
1969 Sydney Lewis Hampton Miss Hampton/Newport News  
1968 Cherie Davis Clifton Forge Miss Alleghany Highlands Top 10 Semi-finalist
1967 Barbara Yost Roanoke Miss Roanoke Valley  
1966 Linda Maclin Roanoke Miss Roanoke Valley  
1965 Jean Inge Norfolk Miss Norfolk  
1964 Carolyn Eddy Norfolk Miss Norfolk  
1963 Dorcas Campbell Fairfield Miss Rockbridge County Top 10 Semi-finalist
1962 Patricia Gaulding Richmond Miss Richmond  
1961 Charlotte Thomas Roanoke Miss Lynchburg  
1960 Catherine Birch Staunton Miss Bristol  
1959 Alice Sue Williams Richmond Miss Williamsburg  
1958 Barbara Guthrie Martinsville Miss Martinsville  
1957 Rebecca Lee Edmunds Roanoke Miss Roanoke Valley  
1956 Rebecca Richardson Martinsville Miss Martinsville  
1955 Betty Sue Mathews Norfolk Miss Virginia Beach  
1954 Julie Ann Bruening Swoope Miss Staunton-Augusta County  
1953 Anne Lee Ceglis Norfolk   2nd runner-up
1952 Edna Long Richmond    
1951 Shirley Bryant Norfolk    
1950 Gloria Fenderson Petersburg    
1949 Betty Lewis Norfolk    
1948 Bobby Joe Wilson Hillsville    
1947 Ruth Mears Cape Charles    
1946 Bette Cannon Alexandria    
1943 Dorothy Taylor Richmond    
1942 Charlotte Smith Fredericksburg    
1941 Jacquelyn McWin Waynesboro   Semi-Finalist
1940 Virginia Campbell Charlottesville    
1939 Rosa Marie Elliott Suffolk   4th runner-up
1938 Kathleen Mann North Arlington    
1937 Frances L. Sultan Kecoughtan   Semi-Finalist
1936 Dolores Taylor Ocean View   Semi-Finalist
1933 Evangeline Glidwell     3rd runner-up
1926 Eleanor Reid Norfolk   Finalist

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