Miss Universe History

The Miss Universe contest, as we all know, is the most prominent beauty contest of the world. It has been taking place for over fifty years. It is organized by the Miss Universe Organization.

Inaugurated in the year 1952 the organization was founded by the California clothing company Pacific Mills. Its rights were initially owned by Kayser-Roth and Gulf and Western Industries but later on the rights of this huge event passed on to Mr. Donald Trump in the year 1996.Inits early days the Miss Universe organization was known as Miss Universe Inc. but now, it is known by the name of “The Miss Universe Organization” since 1998 and is co-owned by Donald Trump and National Broadcasting Company (NBC). That year, the new Miss Universe logo was born: The Woman with the Stars, which is still used today. The existing President of the Miss Universe Organization is Paula Shugart.


This world famous beauty pageant owes its beginning to the winner of Miss America 1951 beauty pageant, YolandBetbeze, whodeclined to pose for its major promoter, Catalina Swimwear. As a result, the brand’s manufacturer, Pacific Mills withdrew from Miss America and moved on to set up the Miss USA and Miss Universe contests. Long Beach, California became the first destination to host the Miss Universe 1952. And the first lady who won the first Miss Universe title was ArmiKuusela of Finland.

After its year of start in 1951, thisyearly pageant that took place during the period of 1952 to 1971 was held in the United States of America. And since 1971, it has been hosted across the globe in various Asian, European, African and Australian cities. The event is keenly awaited by people across the globe and enjoys millions of viewership.

The onscreen broadcast of the Miss Universe beauty pageant started in 1955. From 1960 onwards, CBS initiated national broadcasting of combined Miss USA and Miss Universe contests and from 1965 both the contests werebroadcasted separately. In the year 2003, the television rights to broadcast this pageant were taken over by The NationalBroadcasting Company (NBC).

Competition Formats

1959 to 1964

From 1959 to 1964, there were small changes in the setup. From 1959 to 1963, there was no cut to 5 finalists; an interview round was also introduced to decide the second place and the winner in the year 1960; the runners-up and winners were called from the assembled 15 semi-finalists. In 1964, the top 15 converted to top 10, and after a round ofinterview, the winner and runners-up were called from the 10 qualifiers.

1965 to 1989

In 1965, the pageant again returned to the original format. The semi-finalists were not declared till the eve of the key event and were required to compete again in an evening gown and a swimsuit, and then top 5 contestants were declared out of them. In 1969, a final question was put before the last five participants. This format of the contest continued till 1989.

1990 to 2001

In 1990, the concept of final question had taken root and every pageant since; the final contestants have to answer a final question. This year, the pageant applied major setup changes in the competition itself. The number of contestants in the semi-finals was reduced from 10 to 6. Each participant then randomly nominated a judge and replied thequestion posed by the judge. After that, the field was tapered down further to a final 3. In 1998, the number of finalists was reduced to 5, although there still was a cut to a final 3. This continued to 2001. In 2000, theinterview portion of the semi-finals was quietly dropped and the contestants once again, competed only in swimsuit and gowns.

2003 To Till Now

In 2003, the Top 15 was again selected in place of the Top 10. Cuts were made to mark the Top 10, and finally the Top 5. The finalquestion changed, each coming from the final delegates themselves and the current Miss Universe.In 2006, twenty semi-finalists were declared, competing in the swimsuit competition. The number of competing delegates was then cut down to ten, with those delegates competing in the eveninggown competition. After theswimsuit round, the final five contestants were announced, with the names of the finalists competing in the "finalquestion" or interview round. At the end of competition the runners-up were declared and the winner was crowned by the outgoing queen.

In 2007 the format somewhat changed slightly with the top 15 moving to the swimsuit competition; from there, 10 selected contestants moved on to the eveninggown competition where half were eliminated. The final five were competing in the "final question ". At the end of competition the runners-up were declared and the winner was crowned by the departing queen.

In 2009 Top 9 were chosen from the initial competition and the left behind 6 were chosen by the proprietor or producer of the Miss Universe Mr. Donald Trump to complete the top 15. 


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