Miss International History

Miss International is an event created by Mel Richardson and Mary to display the accomplishments of excellent single women between the ages of 19-29 and functions as a training platform for several females like Aurora Pijuan, Karen Brucene Smith, Kimberly Krueger, Catherine Warren and others who go on to bag titles in larger platforms.

Miss International, also known as Miss International Beauty or The International Beauty Pageant, is an annual global beauty observance held since 1960.

What is the Message of Miss International?

Also called "Miss International Beauty", this observance is not merited on physical beauty alone. Contestants serve as "Ambassadors of Beauty and Peace", showcasing benevolence, tenderness, generosity, friendship, beauty, potential to take action, intelligence and, most importantly, a fabulous global compassion. The ultimate objective of the Miss International beauty pageant is to represent global peace, well being, and understanding.

History of Miss International

The history of the Miss International Beauty Pageant ranges around half a century of the passion and energy of representatives from across the world who had urged to “contribute to global society.”

Year and Place of Creation

This title was formed in 1960 in Long Beach, California, USA when the Miss Universe pageant was departed to Miami Beach. Organized in Long Beach until 1967, the title was shifted to Japan from 1968–1970 and was hosted every year in the same city as the Expo '70. For 1971 and 1972, it was organized in Long Beach again and since that time it has been conducted every year in Japan.
Besides this, Miss International contestants have been witnessed at every international expo held in Japan till now, lending glamour to the venue.

Miss International Pre-events

This year the Beauty Pageant contest will be viewed as the pre warm up event for the Shanghai World Expo 2010 which will be considered as the core event of international goodwill activities in China, which is attracting spectacular economic growth.

Showered with the slogans of “achieving world peace through mutual understanding” and “proper understanding of Japan in a globalized society,” the Miss International Beauty Pageant has transformed into a quasi-national celebration, due to which it is now termed a the “Olympics of Beauty.” The objective of this “Beauty Festival” is for each delegate to compete not only on external beauty, but also as national-level diplomats who proactively undertake international exchange activities for instance exchange with the local  society and the Miss International Forum, as well as social welfare activities such as charity events and ecology campaigns.

Sichuan, China is the Venue

By a dramatic twist of fortune, this year’s Pageant too is going to be held in Sichuan Province, China, which last year witnessed the biggest natural calamity on record, and will see the coming together of “Goodwill Ambassadors of Beauty” symbolizing nearly 60 countries and provinces with an immense spirit of goodwill. This year too, a new history of the Miss International Beauty Pageant will be showcased by the delegates charged with goodwill and energy.

Miss International (professionally titled The International Beauty Pageant) is the fourth beauty contest in the world.

The number of times different countries won includes:

  • Venezuela has been the biggest competitors of this global beauty even as it has clinched this title 5 times.
  • Philippines has been fortunate enough to register its presence and won the title for 4 times.
  • This content has been won by the representatives of Australia, Colombia, England, Poland, United States 3 times.
  • 2 times the beauty representatives of Costa Rica, Germany, Norway, Spain have won.
  • Beauty queens of Argentina, Brazil, Finland, France, Greece, Guatemala, Iceland, Lebanon, the Netherlands, Panama, New Zealand, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Yugoslavia have registered their victory in this international event once.

Startling Facts about Miss International Title

All first winners of every major beauty pageants are of Scandinavian origin: Finland captured the Miss Universe 1952, Sweden won the Miss World 1951, Colombia clinched the Miss International 1960, and Denmark obtained the Miss Earth title 2001.

Longest and Shortest Reign

As the 1966 Miss International was cancelled, the winner of 1965 winner of Ingrid Finger's governance was the largest among titleholders, totaling 624 days. For a one-year period, the longest goes to her successor, Miss International 1967 Mirta Teresita Massa who retained the title for 529 days (almost 17 months). The shortest reign was of 1975 Ladija Vera Manic which was just 242 days (less than eight months).

Venezuela Produced the Great Winners

Venezuela has won a record of retaining the title of Miss International titles for five times. Four of those came in cycles of every three years starting in 1997 (1997, 2000, 2003, and 2006). The country's first victory was registered in 1985.

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