Miss Earth History

Miss Earth is an annual international beauty pageant advocating environmental awareness and allied issues.

Miss Earth History

In addition to Miss Universe and Miss World contests, Miss Earth is one of the three biggest beauty pageants in the world so far the number of national-level competitions to participate in the world finals is concerned. Miss Earth is also one of the most publicized beauty contests that take place in the world. The current titleholders dedicate their span to promote prominent projects and often address issues related to the environment and other global arenas.

Conceptualization of Miss Earth

  • Carousel Productions conducted and launched the first Miss Earth beauty pageant in 2001 to fiercely to save the environment
  • The maiden Miss Earth beauty pageant was conducted in 2001 by Carousel Productions at Quezon City, Philippines. This inaugural even was attended by 42 participants. The aim behind the event was to actively promote environmental issues. All contestants in the first Miss Earth pageant were involved with environmental causes. The winner and runner-ups were supposed to promote international environmental projects and events. The beauties were roped in for a great cause. Thus, the event played a crucial role in the preservation of environment.
  • In 2006, the Miss Earth pageant began to co-host the Programmer’s Champions of the Earth, an annual global environment awards created in 2005 by the United Nations to salute and appreciate outstanding environmental achievers and leaders at a policy level.

Current Miss Earth

The reigning Miss Earth titleholder is Nicole Faria, from India and was crowned on December 4, 2010. Miss Earth 2010, the tenth edition of the pageant, was conducted in Vietnam and aired worldwide.

Host of Miss Earth 2011

The nation will be hosting the pageant in 2011 also and then in every alternate years from 2013 until 2020. The left out years during the period will be organized in Asian, American or Middle-East countries, like Indonesia, Cambodia, Thailand US (Miami).

Associated Events

The participants of this beauty contest are associated with humanitarian and environmental causes. The pageant winner is anticipated to be engaged in international projects, which are at the same time promoted during the pageant broadcast. The participants also take part in tree planting events, cultural and environmental immersion events, sponsor visits and travels.

Slogan of Miss Earth

Slogans were coined to promote the objective. In October 2001, Miss Earth embraced the slogan "Beauties For a Cause", but it was only in the year 2003 when the maiden "beauty for a cause" prize was given away.

To take further the pageant's environmental cause, the Miss Earth Foundation was established in 2004. It was the theme of Miss Earth which made it stand apart from rest of the beauty pageants like Miss World and Miss Universe.

What is Miss Earth Foundation

In 2004, the Miss Earth Foundation was established to consolidate the pageant's causes and to work with local and global groups and non-governmental organizations that are instrumental in conservation and improvement of the environment. The Miss Earth Foundation Activities aims to educate the youth regarding environmental awareness. Its major project “I Love Planet Earth School Tour," educates and distributes educational supports for school children.

Growth of Miss Earth

The Miss Earth pageant has developed over the years, with an increasing number of countries adding on each year. The number of national Miss Earth pageants has increased on every continent as well.

Some Astonishing Facts About Miss Earth

  • In 2006, the organizing country Chile could not meet the parameters of the host committee and the pageant was shifted back to the Philippines.
  • Since its inception the pageant has been organized on annual basis in the Philippines, either October or November, and telecasted on national level via ABS-CBN with international delayed telecasts in nearly 80 countries via STAR TV and The Filipino Channel.
  • The Miss Earth winner gets automatic representation for the Miss Earth Foundation, the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) and other environmental related organizations.

Pageant System

  • Since the Miss Earth pageant has been conceptualized on an environmental cause, it is basically looking for young women who will raise voice for the protection and preservation of the environment and planet. These women are title winners or selected by national Miss Earth directors from diverse nations.
  • On national level competitions, the cause of Miss Earth is carried out to ensure that each of the participating candidates is not simply physically beautiful, but carries a good knowledge of environment. After the selection of the national winners, they will be evaluated by the pageant organizer.
  • The participants are screened on every activity and celebration they participate in the pre-finals days. Preliminary swimsuit and evening gown competitions are also part of this contest. In the prejudging session, the participants face the panel of judges during an interview in their simplest look, without make-up, where they talk about their environmental platform and personal concepts.
  • After the completion of their preliminary activities and interviews, the judges and the executive staff will choose sixteen candidates who will qualify the semi-finalists.
  • During the live finals, the sixteen semi-finalists will be declared. All previous scores will be canceled and thereafter these qualified participants will compete in the swimsuit round. The top eight scorers in swimsuit will go on to the next level of competition. The final eight parts will have interview and evening gown competition activities. The scores from these two occasions will be averaged and the first four highest scorers will qualify for the last competition - the final interview.
  • In the final interview, all four finalists will answer one environmental question and the candidates will be analyzed based on the judges over all impression on the candidate to ascertain the final ranking. For the 9th edition of Miss Earth, no single final question was put forth. Instead, images were flashed on screen and all the eight finalists were asked to tell something about it within the time frame of 30 seconds.
  • If in any case the Miss Earth winner cannot perform her duties and obligations as a titleholder, the 1st runner-up will be asked to take up the liabilities of the title.

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