Miss Asia Pacific World History

Year of Inception

The Miss Asia Pacific International began as a regional title in 1968 with Asian and oceanic countries participating. The Miss Asia Pacific International Pageant was aired in 1968, which was originally the "Miss Asia Quest" with 18 participating countries. This yearly pageants were held in the Philippines, Malaysia, Hong Kong and New Zealand,  featuring several resort destinations and tourist attractions of the host countries.

Growth of Miss Asia Pacific

In 1984, when New Zealand was the host for the 16th pageant in Christchurch, countries from Central and South America, in addition to the USA and Canada participated. In 1985, Miss Asia experienced its first benchmark and won the title of "Miss Asia Pacific Quest". That year almost 40 countries took part in the pageant which was held for the first time. For the following four years thereafter, it was held in Hong Kong.

Contest of Miss Asia Pacific 2005

China hosted the 36th international pageant in Guangdong Province and the city of Guangzhou from March 15 to April 6, 2005 with in which 53 countries from all over the world sent its delegates to vie.

Organizer and Promoter

Miss Asia Pacific Quest, Inc. is the sponsor, promoter and organizing body of the contest.

Miss Asia Pacific International is ruled by its original Board of Directors, namely Alfonso V. Lim Jr. as its Chairman and CEO, Roberto De Venecia , President; Lauro M. Amante as Treasurer and Leandro D. Enriquez and the Founder and Director. They are famous figures from various sectors of society.

Latest Status of Miss Asia Pacific

Today, Miss Pacific International has a network of 87 countries and provinces and is considered as the first and oldest global beauty contest in Asia.

Rename of Miss Asia Pacific Title

In 1985, the title rechristened its name to the Miss Asia Pacific Quest, to rope in countries not just in the Asian and Oceania region, but also those of Central, North and South America with borders touching the Pacific Ocean.

In 2011, Miss Asia Pacific International once again changed its name to Miss Asia Pacific World.

Miss Pacific Beauty Competition Not Held Since 2008

The 37th Miss Asia Pacific International beauty competition has not been conducted since 2008. Due to the lack of participants, sponsors, and popularity, Miss Asia Pacific International is most likely to be rescheduled to an unknown date and year. It is very much possible that the pageant will not be conducted for another 5 to 10 years or even longer.

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