Me You and Five Bucks Movie

Me You and Five Bucks
star star star star star Average: 1 (5)

Director: Jaime Zevallos

Producer: Anthony Gaudioso

Language: English

Genre : Comedy , Drama , Romance

Me You and Five Bucks Movie Release Date :

Me You and Five Bucks Movie Rating: Average: 1 (5)

Cinematography by

Keith DeCristo

Film Editing by

Karbis Sarafyan

Casting by

Michelle Gracie

Production Design by

Dianna Carmel Faulkner

Me You and Five Bucks Movie Trailer


Angela Sarafyan - Pam
Jaime Zevallos - Charlie Castillo
Shahrooz Nateghi - Louie
Daniel Chaffin - Rick
Michelle Gracie - Jenny
Tobi Gadison - Frank the Agent
Michael Elian - Dan
Emerald Robinson - Pam
Cara Picton - Jane
Angelique Scarpelli - Vanessa
Bo Youngblood - Heidi
Bryan McKinley - Jack
Erica Bachelor - Angela
Maryam Motagi - NYU Hottie
Jack Bank - Graham
Karin Duseva - Olivia
Anthony Gaudioso - Will the Manager
James Gaudioso - Bill the Manager
Martin Hampford - The Delivery Guy
Matt Jade - Matty Jizza
Gerald Whaley - Bam
other cast:
Carlin Adelson - First Date
Elizabeth Piper S. - Louie's Date
Dasha Raskova - Hostess
Vincent D'Angelis - Homeless Vinny
Louay Bachir - Jimmy The Doorman

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1st January 1970