Me Jealous Modern Family Season 3 Episode 14

Modern Family Season 3 Episode 14

Aired on: ABC
Day & Slot: Wednesday, 9PM
Last aired episode: February 8th, 2012
Episode name: Me? Jealous?

Me Jealous Modern Family Season 3 Episode 14

The 8th February episode of Modern Family shows that Phil (Ty Burrell) brings home Tad (Greg Kinnear as guest star) for dinner, who is a real estate agent and Tad, sees in him a potential client to sell some properties. But Tad instantly tries to hit on Phil’s wife Claire (Juliet Bowen) and even kisses her on lips to say good night. But Phil is hardly surprised at that and quite on the contrary thinks he has bright chances to do business with Tad. Tad comes to their home again the next day and seems interested in Phil’s property. He invites Phil and Claire for dinner and again kisses Claire. Claire is taken aback by this and discusses the same with Phil, but he thinks that his wife is telling all this just to grab Tad’s attention. However Claire’s presumption is broken when she sees that Tad kisses his children, nanny, ex-wife to say good night. Claire thinks that she should warm up a little bit more to Tad to help Phil in his business and laughs at Tad’s jokes which again infuriates Phil as he thinks that only he should make his wife smile and not anyone else.

Harley (Sarah Hyland) volunteers in college as Big Sister which makes Alex (Ariel Winter) jealous. The relationship between Harley and Alex is strained and Luke (Nolan Gould) gets effected because of this. To make Luke feel better, the sisters dress him up like a girl.

On the other hand, Mitchell (Jesse Tyler Ferguso) and Cam (Eric Stonestreet) come to live with Jay (Ed O’Neil) and Gloria (Sofia Vergara) as their house is getting fumigated. But things do not run smoothly when both families try living together. Mitchell is pissed with Jay as he makes lawyer jokes on him and Cam and Gloria have problems as Lily gets close to Gloria. Though Manny (Rico Rodriguez) tries to pacify things between Cam and Gloria but it goes in vain. But things turn better when Lily gives a leopard jacket to Cam which she and Gloria bought for her.

Mitchell and Cam go for lunch with a radio DJ whom Mitchell is representing and whom Jay loved to listen earlier. Jay suddenly bumps into the lunch and tells the DJ how good he is but Mitchell is pissed as he did not want Jay there. But Mitchell realizes that he made a mistake as the DJ tells him what Jay said about Mitchell. Later Mitchell fools Jay with the help of the DJ and informs Jay that his car has been stolen.