Marktrock Festival 2016

Event Name : Marktrock Festival
Start Date: 14 Aug 2016 (not confirmed)
End Date :15 Aug 2016
Venue : Leuven, Belgium

2016 lineup update here soon..

2014 Lineup

  • Gorki
  • Paul De Leeuw
  • Praga Khan

Marktrock Festival 2013

Date 9-11 August 2013
Location Leuven, Belgium


Praga Khan
A Brand
Bart Peeters
Merdan Taplak
The Happy
Les Truttes


Marktrock Festival is a music festival held every year in the town of Leuven, Belgium. It is an open musical show held in the heart of the Leuven town on an old market square surrounded by bars. Markt is a Dutch world meaning market. The main stage for Marktrock Festival has always been the ‘Oude Market’. The festival is a major crowd puller and provides stage for many rock bands, both international and local.

Marktrock Festival is a three day festival held in the month of August. The festival always used to ends on 15th August until 2006. Marktrock Festival is one of the biggest European urban music festivals. Though it is mainly a rock music festival but also other kind of music is played during the festival. Also, you can always go for your favorite drink during the music festival since the market area where the show is hosted is surrounded by bars.

Since, 2007 the show is witnessing some issues with the organizers announcing the end of the festival on February 5th, 2007 because of financial and space issues. However, in March 2007, new management took over the Marktrock Festival and revived the show by replacing the free stage and levying an entry fee to the visitors. However, the attendance fell low and was much criticized. Again, in 2008 the management decided to place free stages all around the city with the main stage at Oude market attracting an entry fee. 2008 edition though did not pull the crowd it used to pull earlier, yet it was declared a success. From 2009 onwards, the management secured funding from the city of Leuven and abolished entry fee as well as international acts. The idea is to promote local talents.