Little Bo Bleep Modern Family Season 3 Episode 13

Modern Family Season 3 Episode 13

Aired on: ABC
Day & Slot: Wednesday, 9PM
Last aired episode: January 18th, 2012
Episode name: Little Bo Bleep

Little Bo Bleep Modern Family Season 3 Episode 13


Modern Family is a comedy series being aired on ABC since 2009.The characters in the series talk directly into the cameras in many circumstances. Christopher Lloyd and Steven Levitan are the creators of this documentary which to some extent is based on the stories of their own family.


The story is centered on three families which are presented in a satirical way. All the three families are related to each other. The patriarch of the family Jay Pritchett (Ed O’Neil) and Gloria (Sofia Vergara) a much younger lady are married. Manny (Rico Rodriguez) is Gloria’s son with her ex husband. Claire Dunphy (Juliet Bowen) is Jay’s daughter (from his ex wife) who is the wife of Phil (Ty Burrell), a real estate agent. Haley (Sarah Hyland), Alex (Ariel Winter) and Luke (Nolan Gould) are the three children of Claire and Phil. They constitute the second family. Jay’s son Mitchell (Jesse Tyler Ferguso) and his partner Cameron (Eric Stonestreet) along with their adopted baby Lily is the third family of the comedy series.

Season 3:

After hugely successful two seasons, the third season is being aired now. The latest episode was aired on 18th of January named Little Bo Bleep. In this episode partners Mitchell and Cameron try to prevent their little daughter to say something inappropriate for her age whereas Jay thinks that Gloria is responsible for the suicidal behavior of his dog and blames her for this.

Critics & Appreciation:

Modern Family has been equally loved by audience and critics. The premiere of the show raked in more than 12 million viewers. The show gained such popularity that it was earning $1.6 billion per episode in 2010 to become the sixteenth highest revenue earning show. The show has been highly hailed by Entertainment weekly, Times and USA Today. The Metacritic also has endowded a score of 8.6 on 10 to the show. Even the American President Barack Obama commented that this is his favorite show.


Modern Family has bagged several awards and nominations and among the most prominent ones are the Emmy awards for outstanding comedy series, outstanding supporting actor in a comedy series and outstanding supporting actress in a comedy series, Best Television series in Golden Globe award .The show has always been rated very high in its first and second season. In the third season, it was ABC’s top rated season premiere. Internationally it is being aired in around 12 countries worldwide.