Life Before His Eyes NCIS Season 9 Episode 14

NCIS Season 9 Episode 14

Aired on: CBS
Time & Slot: Tuesday, 9 PM ET
Last aired episode: Life before his eyes
Last aired date: 02/07/2012

Life Before His Eyes NCIS Season 9 Episode 14

The 7th Feb, 2012 episode of “NCIS” was its 200th aired episode and it showed an alternate life of the key characters in present.

Gibbs (Mark Harmon) gets shot and sees flashbacks which seem like dreams. He is in a trance like situation where he sees his life, his friends, enemies, colleagues and everybody he knows and associated with him. He sees how his and his colleagues’ life would have been and how they had taken different decisions in their lives. Gibbs starts thinking how life can be if he could have saved Kate (Sasha Alexander) from being shot. He begins to think if it was possible for him to save his wife, if she had not testified against the drug dealer (Pedro Hernandez). In turn he thinks he would not have to kill the drug dealer for his wife’s and daughter’s murder.

Gibbs through his special power in this episode explores into the life which could have happened.

Gibbs sees that if Kate would not have died, she would be married to Tony (Michael Weatherly) and they would have had a baby girl. As Gibbs visualizes himself, who had not killed the drug dealer who finished his family, he turns into a depressed and visibly broken man who is isolated from people and heavily boozing. He turns himself away from his closed ones. He builds himself a barrier which even Ducky (David McCallum), Gibb’s best friend can’t break. Gibbs also meets his wife and daughter in his alternate life where his wife tells him that she testified against the drug dealer out of her choice. She also explains that if she and her daughter had not died, Gibbs would still be a Marine and instead they could have lost him instead of him losing them.

At the end Gibbs realizes that wrong decisions that he has taken and all mistakes that he has made are all part of his present life. Even losing his family seemed to appear like a blessing as compared to what he saw in his dream sequence. It is a self revelation episode.