Jazz Music Festivals

Copenhagen Jazz Festival

Month: July
Place: Copenhagen
Attractions: Over 900 shows, More than 100 stages.

Montreal Jazz Festival

Month: Summer in Montreal
Place: Montreal, Canada
Attractions: Over 500 Concerts, Biggest in terms of Artist & Audience in Canada

Life Festival

Month: June
Place: Belvedere House, Westmeath, Ireland
Attractions: Various Genres of Music

North Sea Jazz Festival

Month: July
Place: Rotterdam, Netherlands
Attractions: Various genres if music like Traditional New Orleans Jazz, Swing, Bebop, Fusion, Blues, Gospel, Funk Music, Soul Music & Drum n Bass


Month: October
Place: Cologne, Germany
Attractions: Approx. 200 bands, Free Entry, Various musical genres like Jazz, Oldies, Rock and Pop.

Montreux Jazz Festival

Month: July
Place: Switzerland
Attractions: Jazz music, Themed Shows, Workshops and Competitions

Pori Jazz Festival

Month: July
Place: Pori, Finland
Attractions: Jazz, Blues, Doul, Funk, Hip hop, Afro-Cuban, World music, Pop music

Bestival Music Festival

Month: September
Place: Isle of Wight, England
Attractions: Serene Location, Fancy Dresses, Inflatable Church

Big Chill Festival

Month: August
Place: North East England, U.K
Attractions: Various Genres of Music like Indie, Dance music, World music, Trance, Reggae, Folk music, Dub music, Ambient and Chillout music style


Month: September
Place: Seattle, U.S.A
Attractions: Laser Light Shows, Arts, Music, Comedy, Dance, Theater, Folk Music and Films.

Essouira Gnawa

Month: June
Place: Essaouira, Morocco
Attractions: Gnawa Music, 3-Stringed Flute, Castanets and Ganga drums

Eurockeennes de Belfort

Month: July
Place: Belfort, France
Attractions: Exquisite location along Malsaucy lake, Late Opening (after midnight)

Ghent Festival

Month: July
Place: Ghent, Belgium
Attractions: Public drunkenness, Street Acts, Party.

Green Man Festival

Month: August
Place: Wales, United Kingdom
Attractions: Various Genres of Music

Guca Trumpet Festival

Month: August
Place: Guca, Serbia
Attractions: Blowing of Trumpets, Dances in national dress

Iceland Airwaves

Month: October
Place: Reykjavik, Iceland
Attractions: New Icelandic and international music

Reading and Leeds Festivals

Month: August
Place: Reading and Leeds, United Kingdom
Attractions: Various Stages like Main stage, NME/Radio 1 stage, Festival Republic stage etc.

South by Southwest

Month: March
Place: Austin, U.S.A
Attractions: Largest music festival in U.S.A, Films, Conferences, Austin Music Awards.

Spirit of Burgas

Month: August
Place: Burgas, Bulgaria
Attractions: Various Genres of Music


Month: July
Place: Milwaukee, U.S.A
Attractions: 11 days long event, Performances of more than 700 bands, 11 Stages. 

Sziget Festival

Month: August
Place: Budapest, Hungary
Attractions: Various genres of music, Dances

The Proms

Month: July to September
Place: London, United Kingdom
Attractions: Classical Music Festival, Performances by Fresh Artists, Series of Chamber Concerts.

T in the Park

Month: July
Place: Scotland, United Kingdom
Attractions: Seven Music Stages, Large Camping Area, Funfair, Big Wheel, Concession Stalls and Shops

Womad Music Festival

Month: July/August
Place: United Kingdom (20 other countries also)
Attractions: Live Musical Performances, Workshops, Stalls and Children Events

World Roma Festival

Month: May
Place: Prague, Czech Republic
Attractions: Seminars, Music, Dancing, Parades, Haunting Roma music

Boston Festival

Month: June
Place: Boston, London
Attractions: Folk music, Arts & Crafts fair, Dance performances

Paleo Festival

Month: July
Place: Switzerland
Attractions: Music Performances, Fireworks, Online Camping

Ravinia Festival

Month: November
Place: Chicago, U.S.A
Attractions: Open Air Music Concerts, Picnic.

Tulsa Mayfest

Month: May
Place: Tulsa, U.S.A
Attractions: Visual Arts, Dances, Music Competitions, Kids Zone.

Donauinselfest Festival

Month: June
Place: Donauinsel , Vienna,Austria
Attractions: Open Air music festival, Dishes from Thai, Greek, Italian, Indian cuisine.

Dour Festival

Month: July
Place: Dour, Belgium
Attractions: Variety of musical genres, Stages, Tents

Tonder Festival

Month: August
Place: Tønder, Denmark
Attractions: Folk Music, Variety of genres

Unsound Festival

Month: October
Place: Kraków, Poland
Attractions: Mutating forms of music, Visual arts

Thunderdome Festival

Month: June
Place: Netherlands
Attractions: Hardcore techno and Gabber music