James bond

About James Bond

In 1953, Ian Fleming, a writer, invented an imagined character of the James Bond. Ian Fleming has written twelve novels and two short stories.

The character of James Bond is running most successfully in English Film Industry. The First James Bond characterized film is ‘Dr. No.’, released in 1962. 

Ian Fleming is died in 1964. After that, many writers are written ‘James Bond’ novels. Later, Kingsley Amis (Robert Markham), John Pearson, John Gardner, Raymond Benson and Sebastian Faulks were written the James Bond novels. Christopher Wood is also written two screen plays. Charlie Higson has written a sequence on ‘A Young James Bond’.

The EON film production company is making above 22 James Bond characterized films. The recent picture ‘Quantum of Solace’ was released on 31st October, 2008 in United Kingdom. 

The roll of James bond has been appeared in American Television edition. The character of James Bond also appeared in Radio, and in many Video Games.

Harry Saltzman is the producer of the EON Productions. He bought the ‘James Bond’ film rights in 1950s.

Many actors acted as a roll of ‘James Bond’ in several pictures.

Inspiration and Creation of the character of James Bond:

The British Journalist, Ian Fleming was invented a character, James Bond in 1952 at the holiday spot in Jamaican Estate, Goldeneye. Ian Fleming was not mentioned the age of James Bond.

Ian Fleming reported into a famous magazine, Reader's Digest interview, "I wanted the simplest, dullest, plainest-sounding name I could find, 'James Bond' was much better than something more interesting, like 'Peregrine Carruthers.' Exotic things would happen to and around him, but he would be a neutral figure — an anonymous, blunt instrument wielded by a government department."

James Bond Personal Life:

In the story You Only Live Twice, James Bond is the son of Andrew Bond (Scottish) and Monique Delacroix (Swiss). James Bond lived in London. James Bond parents were killed in a hiking mishap. At age of eleven, James Bond was orphaned.

James Bond lived with his aunt Charmian Bond, uncle Max Bond. James Bond spouses are Teresa Bond, Kissy Suzuki. James Bond Son is James Suzuki.

James Bond – SIS:

James Bond is the secret agent of the British Secret Intelligence Service (SIS).  SIS is changed its name as ‘M16’ after 1995. James Bond’s 00-agent was initiated in ‘Casino Royale’.