Injured New Girl Season 1 Episode 15

New Girl Season 1 Episode 15

Aired on: Fox
Time & Slot: Tuesday, 9PM ET
Last aired episode: 03/06/2012: “Injured

Injured New Girl Season 1 Episode 15

Four roommates play football against some unknown opposition and in the process Nick hurts his back leaving him injured and hence the episode name.

Nick does not have insurance and he has difficulty walking. Seeing this Jess takes him to her OB/GYN, Sadie who is also her friend. But Sadie surprise Nick and Jess by saying that there is a growth on Nick’s neck and he needs to come back the next day for follow up.

All the roommates panic hearing this and everybody gets alarmed. They search the internet and presume that Nick might have thyroid cancer. They go out to a bar as they are grief stricken and frantically cry, drink, Rapp to portray the same.

In an intoxicated state, Nick even tells Jess not to speak at his funeral as he thinks that Jess can’t be real.

Jess asks Nick if he fears doing anything and Nick admits that he is reluctant in certain normal activities like getting a haircut or calling the landlord.

Though everybody goes overboard hearing Nick’s illness, Cece is the only one who has kept herself calm and cool. The reason is that Cece lost her father when she was 12 from cancer. This has taught Cece to remain grounded in crisis hours of life.

All the friends go to beach in Winston’s car and all of them realize that life can change pretty quickly and it is very important to treasure and embrace true friends and friendship.

Winston finally realizes that he needs to replace his first car which is nothing but a junk.

They end up sleeping on the beach and when they wake up, they go to hospital to check on with Nick’s reports.

But they all are relieved to hear that Nick is not suffering from thyroid cancer. Nick has no money to pay his medical bills and his friends help him by paying.

At the end it’s all about how five friends deal with insecurities in life and understanding who they are and staying true to oneself.