If Then Grey's Anatomy Season 8 Episode 13

Grey’s Anatomy Season 8

Aired on: ABC
Time & slot: Thursday 9 PM ET
Last Aired episode: 2/2/2012
Episode name: If Then

If Then Grey’s Anatomy Season 8 Episode 13

As the name suggests, this episode focused on how Meredith (Ellen Pompeo ) perceived life if certain things had not happened and if certain things had happened. As Meredith was putting Zola to bed, she thought what life would be if her mother would not have been a patient of Alzeihmer’s, she also like other girls would have had a nice childhood with loving parents. She thinks how Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital would be different had certain things turned other way.

Though Meredith & Alex (Justin Chambers) are engaged but Meredith finds out that he has been cheating on her with her best friend April (Sarah Drew). Owen(Kevin McKidd) and Callie’s(Sara Ramirez) relation is not in best state and both lie to each other. Derek (Patrick Dempsey), who is an underachiever, is not happy with his relation with the pregnant Addison (Kate Walsh). Everybody’s world seems to fall apart. To make matters worse Christina (Sandra Oh) keeps to herself, she is lonely. Bailey (Chandra Wilson) is shy and introvert whereas Lexie (Chyler Leigh) is addicted to drugs. Overall the situation is very gloomy and dark. Meredith begins to think what her life would be had she never met Derek and what if Derek had never separated from Addison. Meredith wonders how things would have been different had Callie’s and Owens love life been smooth and they was a couple before meeting Arizona (Jessica Capshaw). Meredith also thinks how Bailey would be if she was still the timid and introvert intern.

But as they say, some things are meant to be and that is the reason why everything has happened. But things also could be different if not everything has happened the way it has.
The episode is actually an alternative reality episode where all characters are shown in different light.