If Only You Were Lonely Grey's Anatomy Season 8 Episode 16

Grey’s Anatomy Season 8

Aired on: ABC
Time & Slot: Thursday 9 PM ET
Last Aired Episode: 02/23/2012
Episode Name: If Only You Were Lonely

If Only You Were Lonely Greys Anatomy Season 8 Episode 16

Webber is finding hard to cope with the fact that Adele is an Alzheimer’s patient and he is constant denial mode. Though he thinks that is a coping mechanism but he is making things more difficult for himself. Meredith asks Webber to put Adele into Rose Ridge (care home). But Adele’s condition deteriorates as she causes fires and attacking her nurse. Webber is guilty and thinks that he is partly responsible for this condition of his wife. But ultimately Adele knows that she has Alzheimer’s and asks Webber to move her to Rose Ridge. In an emotional moment she says that it’s better for her to stay there.

Christina and Owen also have difficult time understanding their marriage as they had a difficult counseling session.Chritina thinks that Owen is cheating on her and to keep a tab on him she also stalks Summer Glau (guest star) and she thinks Owen and she share a physical relationship too. Christina shares her fear with Meredith also and thinks she has gone crazy. Christina gets more and more paranoid and checks his emails, mails, laundry and somehow hides all these activities from Owen. Owen again manages to get Teddy angry. He wants her to get a grant but is not willing to reveal this to her.

Morgan’s prematurely born baby is struggling with life on the other hand. But Chris is not helping her as he is seeing the case only from the perspective of a doctor and calculating survival percentages.
Alex tells Morgan not to act like a doctor but as a parent and also convinces Chris to save the little baby.

Derek is apprehensive of racism as his baby is black. But Bailey tells him that they are surprised at Zola’s hairstyle. Mark thinks that Jackson needs a woman in his life as he is too uptight. But Jackson still loves Lexie.