I Love You Tommy Brown Criminal Minds Season 7 Episode 17

Criminal Minds Season 7 Episode 17

Aired on:CBS
Time & Slot:Wednesday 9PM ET
Last Aired Episode: “I love you Tommy Brown”: 03/15/2012

I Love You Tommy Brown Criminal Minds Season 7 Episode 17

When a young girl in Washington goes out to meet her boyfriend, her parents are killed at home. Soon after one more couple is murdered in the vicinity which raises doubts and suspicion as such incidents are not common there.

On the other hand Kevin wants to propose Penelope and seeks Morgan’s help to profess his love for her. Morgan though reluctant, yet gives into the plan. Penelope smells something fishy and asks Morgan but he avoids her.

Back to the cases, the motive behind the murders is not clear as there are no cases if assault or robbery. Then there is a third murder of a couple and the shooter is called Teri Polo.

Dr. Reid and Morgan visit the crime site and see that the homes are child proof as they did not have kids. Mean while Teri Polo approaches one more victim. Investigations reveal that the murdered couple was foster parents of the child. They assume the killer might be a woman who wants a child. Teri Polo finds that the child is not with the mother and asks about its whereabouts after which she kills the mother and leaves the place. JJ & Morgan visit the victim’s house and their belief that maternal desire is behind all the killings only grows.

Both Morgan and Kevin are ignoring Penelope as they do not want to spill the beans. Their attitude leaves her rather confused.

The profiling is done in the jet and they are looking for a female, white, 30-40 years of age who wants a child at any cost. She could be more dangerous as she can kidnap or perform a c-section to fulfill her desire.

Teri Polo meanwhile abducts one baby from the mother saying that she is the real mother of the child and runs away.

Teri Polo brings the baby to a young boy’s home who is called Tommy. She says that this is their child and they should leave the town soon. Teri had given birth to the baby in prison and later one couple adopted it. A young girl named Julia comes to Tommy’s house and hears the baby crying. She says that Teri (Maggie) should not be here as there is a restraining order against her. But Teri kills Julie. Teri/Maggie/Margaret Hullman is the mother of the child.

The team arrives at Tommy’s house and tells Tommy the truth about Maggie. She had earlier molested one younger boy.Ultimaletly they nab Teri.

Penelope says that she is not yet ready for marriage which leaves Kevin sad.