High Sierra Musical Festival Events

The Management Committed to fostering a relaxed feeling, but there are definite guidelines that must be abided by in order to ensure a high-quality festival for everyone.

Extremely NO PETS acceptable on the festival grounds or parking lots (licensed ADA assistants excepted). This will be harshly enforced.

• Rejection fireworks.
• Rejection drum circles or amplified music from 11:00PM - 11:00AM.
• Rejection campfires or charcoal grills (cook stoves OK).
• Rejection cans, bottles or chairs higher than 18" on the music meadow.
• For security reasons, no Frisbee throwing in the music meadow.
• All personal possessions must be removed from the music meadow after each night's presentation.
• Rejection unauthorized vending - if you're not a registered vendor you cannot sell or deal out anything on the festival grounds. Violators are subject to elimination and/or ejection.
• Viewers and radio taping only (no soundboard patches).
• Rejection video recording of any performances without prior written permission from the artist.
• Rejection motorized vehicles (golf carts, ATVs).
• Festival goers must abide by all local, state, and federal laws. NO ALCOHOL OR DRUG SALES (including nitrous oxide) tolerated anyplace on the festival site or annexed properties. Anyone caught selling or distributing illicit substances will without delay have their wristband cut and be ejected from the festival. Additional legal repercussions are likely. Your support is essential to the festival's future. The Management Committed cannot over-emphasize this. Keep in mind that marijuana use is unlawful, and blatant use of it offends community values. Please be aware of this and use common sense. 

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