Have You Seen Me Lately Grey's Anatomy Season 8 Episode 15

Grey’s Anatomy Season 8

Aired on: ABC
Time & Slot: Thursday, 9 PM ET
Last Aired Episode name & date: Have you seen me lately?  On 02/16/2012

Have You Seen Me Lately Greys Anatomy Season 8 Episode 15

This week’s episode is called Have you seen me lately. Amelia has to save a patient who is inoperable but her brother Derek is adamant to let Amie handle the issue. Amie then asks Lexie to convince Derek as the patient has a little child and she needs to be saved. Lexie somehow convinces Derek after many arguments and disagreements. Derek does the surgery which needs to be completed in 90 seconds.

On the other hand all the residents are busy preparing for their upcoming boards. Karev decodes to have his intern as his study buddy. But he does not even know the intern’s name and neither does he know that she is preganant. She collapses during a surgery due to a heart attack and is critical, needs an immediate C-section to save the baby and herself. Teddy and Arizona are called in to operate on her. It is then that Karev realizes that he has been rude to her and is tensed about her condition. But finally her fiancé arrives.

Christina and Owen try to work out their differences and give their marriage a chance by spending a day together. They however have their disagreements over abortion and art of communication.

Mean while Meredith is studying alone as her person is in counseling. So she decides to help Dr. Webber who in turn asks Callie to share study system with Meredith which is supposedly a secret system.Dr. Webber tells Callie to leave behind the bad memories and start afresh with Meredith. But Torres says that Grey should ask her to forgive. Meredith’s day is a hell as she interacts with Callie. Callie asks Meredith to be in her office everyday by 4 A.M. for study sessions.

Bailey is angry on Avery that she has not been informed about one of her miracle patients who has been readmitted. During a surgery Sloane asks Bailey to move out. Bailey understands she was wrong and Sloane advices Bailey.

This episode was all about communication and forgiveness.