Harry Potter History

History of Harry Potter

If you flip back the history of Harry Potter you will find that it is a tale of a boy who is struggling to forget his past as it was full of trouble and miseries. He is a conjurer armed with magical powers. He is ready to sacrifice his life to save the life of his friends.

It is the character of Harry Potter, which has been made immortal by famous English fiction writer J. K. Rolling. This story does not end in one book but follows in a series of 7 books particularly written for children.

The History of Harry Potter

When Harry was an infant his parents were attacked on 31st October by one famous wizard Voldemort in their home. They could not save themselves with the attack of the wizard but Harry’s mother Lily saved Harry by placing him under ancient magic that protected him. The fatal curse rebounded off and as a result Voldemort was also killed. There was a bolt shape scar on the forehead of Harry.

The wizard community got astonished to know that Harry Potter could survive the lethal curse inflicted over him by wizard Voldemort. This was the first time that someone could survive with the curse of famous wizard Voldemort; so, the wizard community named the boy ‘the boy who lived’. Harry’s mother’s enchantment was supposed to save Harry from all curses till he attains the age of 17 years.

In the history of Harry Potter he has two friends, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger who were always ready to help him in all his trials and sufferings during the period he grew up.

History of Harry Potter’s Young Age

Harry became an orphan while he was an infant. He was brought up by his uncle Vemon Dursley, his family and by Rubeus Hagrid who was the caretaker at Hogwarts School of magic. He was half-giant. This school was very renowned and an influential training school in the wizarding world where the training of magic was provided to the deserving students.

His uncle and his family members were very scared of Harry Potter because of his magical power. They always use to ill-treat him and had allowed him to live in a very congested and small room under the stairs at their home on Privet Drive. With the passing time, Harry reached the age of eleven and then he started getting letters from the Hagwarts School of Magic.

These letters were being sent by owls who were trained enough to do this job. In the letters Harry was given information, how he should prepare for the preliminary test so that he could pass it and get admitted in the famous Hogwarts School of Magic.

History of Harry Potter’s Admission in Magic School

Harry’s uncle soon came to know that letters were coming to Harry from the school of magic. He got frightened and started confiscating the letters. He does not like that Harry should know of his power of magic he was inheriting from his parents. Inspite of confiscating the letters sent to Harry, the flow of letters did not come to end and being terrified with this, his uncle left the place along with Harry and his family members.

He went to a deserted island. However, this plan of his uncle also failed as on the eleventh birthday of Harry, Rubeus Hagrid visited him in that deserted island. His uncle became terrified when Rubeus Hagrid handed over one letter to Harry and informed him that he has been selected for the entry test at Hogwarts and that he should prepare for the test which was narrated in the letter in details.

Dramatic Aspect in the History of Harry Potter

When Harry came to know of his magical origin he was extremely delighted. Rubeus also informed him that anybody can’t learn magic and get admission in the famous school of magic according to the history or Harry Potter. One can obtain it by way of birthright only. He also explained him the correct reason of his parent’s death.

He was very unhappy with his uncle because he had concealed the reason of the death of his parents with Harry. He carried Harry to Hogwart, the school of magic in the history of Harry Potter. Mr. Dumbledore, who was the Dean of the school, took special interest in Harry because he was witnessing great potential in him.

He introduced a number of exercises to him which can increase the concentration and intellectual power to a great extent compared to other students of the school. He also took special interest to hone up his abilities to become a great wizard by enabling him to face the challenge with less effort.
Finally the story ends with the victory of good magical powers on evil powers in the history of Harry Potter.

Synopsis of History or Harry Potter

The series of Harry Potter throw light to many vital aspects that pertain to growing up. The books manifests aspects like love, friendship, prejudice, death, and courage in a virtual way and inspire kids to learn from them. The books are scripted in a fantasy based dramatic way in which the reader knows the secrets of the tale at the same time that Harry Potter obtains the information.

Harry Potter is recognized across the world and has a big fan following which is growing everyday!