Harry Potter Author

Harry Potter Author - J. K. Rowling

After spending years of dissatisfying jobs and striving hard to meet ends being a single mother, Harry Potter author - J. K. Rowling, decided to risk her poverty and devoted herself in the profession she loves most - writing.

Harry Potter, a Milestone of her Life

Generally popular as J.K. Rowling, Joanne Kathleen Rowling, shot to fame as an English fiction writer. Rowling is most popular for scripting the Harry Potter series, which have acquired global attention and has earned numerous laurels.

Harry Potter, a Part of Private World

Living in Scotland, Harry Potter author – J.K. Rowling regularly travels all over the world. The success of her Harry Potter and immense public interest to her personal life was a surprise to Joanne. However, to her, Harry Potter is still a part of her personal world.

Flooded with Laurels

In February 2004, Forbes magazine analyzed her assets as £576 million, declaring her the maiden individual to become a US dollar billionaire by way of writing books.  Harry Potter author – J. K. Rowling is the richest woman in the UK, leaving behind even Queen Elizabeth II. She has also been declared as the second richest female entertainer after Oprah in the world.

Brief Life of Harry Potter author - J.K. Rowling

Born in Yate, Gloucestershire, UK, in 1965, J.K. Rowling, together with her parents and younger sister Dianne, moved to Winterbourne, Bristol and after that to Tutshill close to Chepstow.

Trait of Writing since Young Age

She earned her secondary school education at Wyedean Comprehensive, where she told stories to her peer students. In 1990, her mother died of a prolonged illness after battling with multiple sclerosis at an age of 45. This personal loss affected her very much.

Family Relations

Her relationship with her father was not very pleasant, and she hasn’t spoken to him in recent years. She has also said that because of the absence of her caring father, there are many father figures in her Harry Potter series for Harry.

Conceptualization of Harry Potter

Harry Potter author – J.K. Rowling moved to London after learning Classics and French at Exeter University, in the capacity of bilingual and researcher assistant for the Amnesty International.

During this period, the concept of a story of a young boy eager to attend school of wizardry sprung in her mind while she was waiting for a train which was four-hours delayed between Manchester and London. By the time she completed her journey, the characters were already there in her head and a good part of the plot for Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, which she started working on in her lunch hours.


Harry Potter author – J.K. Rowling then shifted to Porto, Portugal, as an English teacher. She married a (Portuguese) TV journalist, Jorge Arantes, in 1992. She gave birth to her first child on July 27th, 1993, Jessica Isabel Rowling Arantes prior to their divorce in the year 1995.

Her First Novel Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

She shifted to live near her sister in Edinburgh with her daughter in the December of 1994. Surviving on state benefits, she finished her debut novel, writing some of the pieces in an Edinburgh café.

Her Second Marriage

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone was a great achievement and she has so far published six sequels. This book transformed Harry Potter author – J.K. Rowling into a multi-millionaire. On 26 December 2001, she married for the second time, Dr. Neil Murray, an anesthetist in a private affair.

She was blessed with a second child on 23 March 2003, a boy, David Gordon Rowling Murray, at the Simpson Centre at the New Royal Infirmary in Edinburgh.

She gave birth to her third child on 23 January 2005 and in this way fulfilling her lifelong dream to bear three children. The baby girl was called Mackenzie Jean Rowling Murray.

Seven Series of Harry Potter

The Harry Potter series consists of seven volumes, each one dedicated to each year of Harry’s school. The fifth book was delayed due to an unsuccessful plagiarism suit decreed towards her filed by rival author Nancy Stouffer. After pressurizing her publishers to eliminate her deadline, she enjoyed three years of peaceful writing. On 21 June 2003, her fifth book was published.

Other Achievements

In the late 2003, Harry Potter author – J.K. Rowling was contacted by TV producer Russell T. Davies to write an episode to the science-fiction based series Doctor Who of British television. Although she was "amused by the advice", she turned down the offer, as she was quite busy plotting her next novel in the Potter series.

In June 5, 2008, Harry Potter author - J.K. Rowling was invited as a Harvard University Commencement Speaker.


She has given the world an overwhelming historical children’s story that every child would love to read as she had been wishing to read at her young age.