Great River Shakespeare Festival 2016

Great River Shakespeare Festival 2016 calender update here soon...

2013 Calendar

Date Time Event
Sunday, April 14 4:00pm Spring Preview Event
Thursday, April 25 6:00pm Rochester Community and Technical College - Playing Shakespeare
Monday, April 29   Shakespeare in the Schools Residency
Tuesday, April 30 4:00pm GRSF at Minnesota Conservatory for the Arts
Wednesday, May 1 4:00pm Shakespeare in the Schools Residency
GRSF at Minnesota Conservatory for the Arts
Thursday, May 2   Shakespeare in the Schools Residency
Friday, May 3  
Saturday, May 4  
Sunday, May 5  
Monday, May 6  
Tuesday, May 7  
Tuesday, May 7 11:00am GRSF at Rochester Montessori School
Wednesday, May 8   Shakespeare in the Schools
Thursday, May 9  
Friday, May 10  
Friday, May 10 10:20am GRSF visits Cotter High School
7:00pm Student Performance GRSF in Winona High School
Tuesday, May 14 12:00pm First Company meeting
Thursday, May 16 6:00pm Library Partnership Program: LaCrescent
Saturday, May 18 11:30am Youth auditions
Thursday, May 23 6:00pm Library Partnership Program: Rushford
Tuesday, May 28 6:00pm Library Partnership Program: Winona Public Library
Monday, June 3 1:00pm GRSF at the Northfield Senior Center
6:30pm Library Partnership Program: St. Charles Library
Wednesday, June 5 7:00pm WillReads
Wednesday, June 12 7:00pm WillReads
Saturday, June 15 7:00pm Chocolate Shakespeare and Champagne
Wednesday, June 19 7:00pm WillReads
Thursday, June 20 7:00pm Library Partnership Program: Hokah
Monday, June 24 6:00pm Library Partnership Program: Lanesboro Public Library
Wednesday, June 26 7:00pm Twelfth Night/Free Preview
Thursday, June 27 7:00pm King Henry V/Free Preview
Friday, June 28 6:00pm Free Concert- Red Planet-Organic Jazz Adventures
7:30pm Twelfth Night/Opening Night
10:00pm WOW: Opening Night Gala
Saturday, June 29 9:00am Tour of Trees
10:30am Front Porch: Gale Childs Daly
12:00pm Free Concert: Dixieland Jazz Festival
4:30pm WOW: Directors' Reception
7:30pm King Heny V/Opening Night
Sunday, June 30 1:00pm Twelfth Night
4:00pm WOW: Picnic & 10th Anniversary Celebration
4:00pm Free Concert: Charlie Parr
Tuesday, July 2 7:00pm Twelfth Night/$10
Wednesday, July 3 1:00pm King Henry V
Thursday, July 4 1:00pm Twelfth Night/Company Conversation
Friday, July 5 12:00pm Chill with Will preshow
1:00pm Twelfth Night/Chill with Will
6:00pm Free Concert: Iam Hilmer's Stagefright
7:30pm King Henry V
Saturday, July 6 9:00am Tour of Trees
10:30am Front Porch: Frozen River Film
1:00pm King Henry V
4:00pm Narrated Set Changeover
6:00pm Free Concert: Cactus Blossoms
6:30pm Preshow Conversation
7:30pm Twelfth Night
Sunday, July 7 11:00am  Ask the Company
1:00pm King Henry V
Monday, July 8   Shakespeare for Young Actors begins
Tuesday, July 9 7:00pm King Henry V/$10
Wednesday, July 10 1:00pm Twelfth Night
Thursday, July 11 7:00pm

Shakespeare for Young Actors 2 begins

King Henry V/Company Conversation

Friday, July 12 12:00pm
1:00pm King Henry V/Chill with Will
6:00pm Free Concert: Manfort
7:30pm Twelfth Night
Saturday, July 13 9:00am Tour of Trees
10:30am Front Porch: Shakespeare Unlocked-Twelfth Night
1:00pm Twelfth Night
4:00pm Narrated Set Changeover
6:00pm Free Concert: The Barley Jacks
6:30pm Preshow Conversation
7:30pm King Henry V
Sunday, July 14 11:00am  Ask the Company
1:00pm Twelfth Night
3:30pm FOW Volunteer Appreciation Event
Tuesday, July 16 7:00pm Twelfth Night/$10
Wednesday, July 17 1:00pm King Henry V
7:00pm Shakespeare for Young Actors 1 Performance
Thursday, July 18 11:00am GRSF at UW LaCrosse Learning in Retirement
7:00pm Twelfth Night/Company Conversation
Friday, July 19 9:00am GRSF in class at Winona State University
1:00pm Twelfth Night
6:00pm Free Concert: Wildflower
7:30pm King Henry V
9:00am Tour of Trees
10:30am Front Porch: Shakespeare Unlocked- KIng Henry V
1:00pm King Henry V
4:00pm Narrated Set Changeover
6:00pm Free Concert: Maritza
6:30pm Preshow Conversation
7:30pm Twelfth Night
Sunday, July 21 11:00am Ask the Company
1:00pm King Henry V
Tuesday, July 23 7:00pm King Henry V/$10
Wednesday, July 24 1:00pm Twelfth Night
7:00pm MacBeth/Intern/Apprentice Company Production/FREE Preview
Thursday, July 25 7:00pm Macbeth/Intern/Apprentice Company Production/Opening Night/Company Conversation
Friday, July 26 1:00pm King Henry V
6:00pm Free Concert: Winona Sampler
7:30pm Twelfth Night
7:30pm Macbeth/Intern/Apprentice Company Production
Saturday, July 27 9:00am Tour of Trees
10:30am Front Porch: Peter Saccio - Going to War in King Henry V
1:00pm Twelfth Night
4:00pm Narrated Set Changeover
6:00pm Free Concert: Bomba de Luz
6:30pm Preshow Conversation
7:30pm King Henry V
7:30pm Macbeth/Intern/Apprentice Company Production
Sunday, July 28 11:00am Ask the Company
1:00pm King Henry V
1:00pm Macbeth/Intern/Apprentice Company Production
Tuesday, July 30 5:00pm Callithump III!!!
Wednesday, July 31 1:00pm King Henry V
7:00pm Macbeth/Intern/Apprentice Company Production
Thursday, August 1 7:00pm Twelfth Night/Company Conversation
7:00pm Macbeth/Intern/Apprentice Company Production/Company Conversation
Friday, August 2 1:00pm Shakespeare for Young Actors 2 Performance
6:00pm Free Concert: Border Patrol Jazz Quartet
7:30pm Twelfth Night
7:30pm Macbeth/Intern/Apprentice Company Production CLOSING
Saturday, August 3 9:00am Tour of Trees
10:30am Maria W. Faust Sonnet Contest Reception
1:00pm Twelfth Night
4:00pm Narrated Set Changeover
6:00pm Free Concert: Ann Reed
6:30pm Preshow Conversation
7:30pm King Henry V/Closing
Sunday, August 4 11:00am Ask the Company
1:00pm Twelfth Night/Closing
4:00pm GRSF Closing Ceremony