Glastonbury Festival 2016

Event Name : Glastonbury Festival
Start Date: 22nd June 2016
End Date: 26th June 2016
Venue : Glastonbury, England


The Glastonbury Festival of Modern Performing Arts is an open-air music and performing arts festival known for its music, dance, humor, and theatre etc. It is held at Worthy Farm, in between Pilton and Pylle villages, six miles east to Glastonbury town.

A farmer and the site owner Michael Eavis organize the festival since 1981. He is now assisted by daughter Emily after his wife died. The company “Glastonbury Festivals Ltd” is formed to take care of festival preparation. The supervision and security has been given to the company “Festival Republic”, since 2002. Each year the festival is jointly run by these two companies.

Glastonbury Festival 2016
Genre Rock, world, electronic, reggae, folk,hip hop, dance, pop
Date(s) 2016
Location(s) Worthy Farm, Pilton, Somerset, UK

Brief History


The first festival held in 1970 at Worthy Farm is known as Pilton Pop and was attended by 1,500 people. The group Stackridge was the first to perform. The 1971 festival was organized by Andrew Kerr and Arabella Churchill. A film on the festival was also shot by Nicolas Roe & David Putnam. The festival embraced a medieval tradition of music, dance, poetry, etc.


 Huge turnouts in the festival were seen in the decade of 1980. Later on, in 1981, the control of the festival was taken over by Michael Eavis, arranged in alliance with the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament. Crowd limits had grown from 30,000 to 100,000.  In 1985, due to huge crowd the neighboring Cockmill Farm was also purchased for festival purpose.


The festival held in 1990 had been the biggest festival held till then. In 1994, many things happened affecting the festival. A provisional stage was erected due to a fire accident that burned down the main Pyramid Stage. A 150 KW wind turbine providing power was introduced. A world record was set on 26 June 2004 when 3 objects each were juggled by 826 people, thus keeping 2,478 objects in air. In 1994 the festival was aired by Channel 4. The British band The Levellers set the world record for the huge stage front crowd, making the year amazing. Dance tents were presented due to a rise in fame of dance music. 1996 was declared as year off. An Art festival was set up by Paul Branson, in 1996, providing a platform for classical works. The 1997 festival was sponsored by The Guardian while BBC took television rights from Channel 4. The crowd level crossed the 100,000 mark despite heavy rainfalls.


A new Pyramid Stage was introduced in year 2000. The Pet Shop Boys and David Bowie were the main artists. The festival saw a turnout of 250,000.

2001 was a year off, for devising an anti-gate crashing measure to secure the future of the festival. A low turnout was seen in 2002, thanks to various security measures making a relaxed air and low crime levels. The inflatable cinema screen was presented.

2003 was the most successful year till date. The ticket availability improved. Tickets were sold out before the full team was declared.

Tickets of the 2004 festival were sold out in 24 hours amid much hullabaloo over the process. The festival saw a bad climate due to high winds. Still Sir Paul McCartney's act was applauded by festival goers. The other acts came from artists like Muse, Oasis, and Franz Ferdinand.

In 2005, the inaugural day of the festival was postponed due to heavy rains, and floods with the site under four feet of water. A record was set when The Levellers faced largest ever crowd. A silent disco was presented to the party lovers for partying in the wee hours without troubling the locals.
2006 was taken to be a year off, for which, a movie directed by Julien Temple was released to make up for the lack of a festival on the 14th of April, 2006.

In 2007, the festival was held amid 20–24 June. “The Park” area was unlocked. The festival had the biggest turnout since the erection of the safety hurdle. Ticket allocation was raised to 137,500. Nonstop rains caused muddy conditions making the site worse. The arrangements made by the organizers turned worse too due to rains. Due to the lack of drinking water facility, oral and bodily ferocity was seen among festival goers.

In 2008 the festival was held amid 27- 29 June, featuring Kings of Leon, Jay-Z and The Verve with some other prominent acts. A new field was introduced nearby to the Park Stage named as "Flagtopia".
In the year 2009, the Festival was held amid 24 -28 June. The performers included headliners like Blur, Bruce Springsteen and Neil Young, Prodigy etc. along with other notable performers on the Pyramid Stage.


It was the 40th year of the Glastonbury festival that took place amid 23 and 28 June. A well known music band named U2 was to lead the Pyramid Stage on the night of 25th, but because of a back injury of Bono, the lead star of the band, they backed out of the festival and the band of Damon Albarn's Gorillas replaced U2. This year Eavis got a donation from British Waterways that was used to build a new bridge in the memory of Arabella Churchill.

Glastonbury Festival Map

Glastonbury Festival Map


Glastonbury Festival Accommodation Informations
Hotel name Miles Stars Room prices from
The Highwayman Inn 2.7 3 £43
Bowlish House 2.7 4 £90
The Dusthole /The Kings Arms 2.9 2 £50
Thatched Cottage Inn 3.0 4 £79
Manor Farm Bed & Breakfast 4.0 4 £85
Coxley Vineyard Hotel 4.3 2 £80
Ancient Gatehouse Hotel 4.4 2 £85
White Hart Hotel 4.4 2 £95
Best Western Swan Hotel 4.4 3 £104
Beryl 4.5 3 £100
Stoberry House 4.7 4 £95 

Glastonbury Festival 2016