Foundation Criminal Minds Season 7 Episode 18

Criminal Minds Season 7 Episode 18

Aired on: CBS
Time & Slot: Wednesday, 9 PM ET
Last aired episode: 03/21/2012: Foundation

Foundation Criminal Minds Season 7 Episode 18

This episode of Criminal Minds takes the team to Arizona to trace a kidnapper and also opens up doors of traumatic childhood of Morgan as he tries to help a young victim of abuse.

One boy is missing and at the same time another young boy is found to be escaped from long imprisonment in Arizona. The escaped boy is in a bad mental state as he is traumatized. He is neither speaking nor eating and when left alone, even attempted suicide though Morgan and JJ somehow save him at the last minute. Morgan tries to connect with the boy so that he opens up but all he can know is that his name is Angel.
The news about the missing boy is released by police and a woman named Samantha Allen testifies to the police that she knew of a guy in childhood who was held in chains. But before she can reveal any other info she is frightened by her weird father and she stops talking. But surprisingly later turns up at the police station. Sam says that she saw a boy in chains who tried to escape from the trunk of a car when she was a kid. She also says that she saw this same boy in the basement of her childhood home.

Mean while Morgan decides that if the boy has to open up, Morgan must tell him experiences of his own past. So Morgan discloses to Angel about his traumatic past when he was abused. Morgan confesses that even he was ashamed of himself and wanted to end his life but he fought back strongly and did not let his abuser win. He also promises Angel that the BAU team will nab his abuser. Angel starts opening up but he cannot identify the UnSub as he kept him in the dark. But he reveals that the UnSub bit him and the team finds out that J.B.Allen, Sam’s father re-capped his teeth many years ago.
Prentiss suspects Sam’s father and during questioning Sam revealed that he has had severe mood swings over the years and would gift her often which were trophies of abductions. Her father used to give rides to kids on the back hoe at his construction site. Now the team knows that Allen is the UnSub and his ploy to catch hold of victims. Sam mentions of a construction site where her father goes and team goes there in time to rescue Billy and nab Allen.

JJ sympathizes with Morgan on his troubled childhood and he tells her that this is the reason he is now working for BAU.