Fancy Man New Girl Season 1 Episode 17

New Girl Season 1 Episode 17

Aired on: Fox
Time & Slot: Tuesday, 9PM ET
Last aired episode : 03/21/2012: “Fancy Man” part 1

Fancy Man New Girl Season 1 Episode 17

Nick goes to a cell phone store but finds out that he has pathetically low credit score which won’t even allow him to buy a phone. The entire staff of the shop starts laughing at him that he is so broke.

There is a parent teacher conference at Jess’s school and a student’s father, Russell shows up just when Jess was cleaning some visual aid from a sex Ed presentation which was humiliating. The episode name “Fancy man” is based on him. Russell is disturbed at the creative classes being given by Jess to his daughter in “dreamcess” classes. Russell wants his daughter to be tutored instead of attending those classes. Jess confronts Russell on whether he knows what is best for his daughter and keeps on arguing with him. But Russell is a rich business man who is one of the biggest donors of the school and Jess is asked to apologize to ensure that he doesn’t pull out his donations.

Jess discusses this problem with roommates and Nick says that the real problem lie with rich people. He feels that she neither should nor apologize. Jess prepares herself on what she has to say to defend her at the school but on the way there is some problem with her car. But she meets Russell there who not only tows her car but also gives her his own car and says that she can keep it and return it on weekend. Also he invites her to a barbeque party at his home.

CeCe tells Jess that by these gestures Russell is actually hitting on her. But Jess says she is attracted to men who are afraid of suceess.Jess and Nick go to Russell’s house and are awestruck at the luxury home from massive desks, to singing Japanese toilets, to koi pond. Though Jess is restrained yet she gets impressed after talking to Russell. Russell gives Nick a cell phone that was lying around. Nick asks the reason for this favor and Russell hints at Jess.

Jess lands in trouble when she tries using a talking Japanese toilet and water starts spraying everywhere. Russell runs to help her out. Jess says that she won’t apologize and Russell says that he didn’t expect her to apologise.Russell asks her out to which Jess accepts. But she falls into the koi pond.
Winston is angry at Schmidt because he humiliated him in front of Shelby at a bar trivia. He tried to cram in lots of bar trivia to Shelby, which did little to impress her.