The Duchess of Dull-In-Sack Two and a Half Men Season 9 Episode 14

Two and a Half Men Season 9 Episode 14

Aired on: CBS
Slot & day: Monday, 9PM ET
Last aired episode: 02/06/2012
Episode name: The Duchess of Dull-In-Sack

The Duchess of Dull-In-Sack Two and a Half Men Season 9 Episode 14

The 6th February episode of Two and a Half men revolves around Walden and his relationship with Zoey. The episode was fun, peppy and Zoey made it all the more watchable.
Walden (Ashton Kutcher) is worried about few things in the relationship like Zoey’s (Sophie Winkleman) unwillingness to introduce Walden to her daughter from her previous marriage. Zoey keeps on hiding Walden in different corners of her apartment like the closet, under a bed, or sometimes on a dresser whenever he stays overnight in her place. Walden is also uncomfortable to the fact that Zoey is little hesitant when it comes to the physical aspect of the relation.

Walden decides to talk to Alan (John Cryer) regarding his problems and Alan advices him to speak to Zoey directly regarding the uncomfortable feeling with respect to physical intimacy. Based on his discussion with Alan, Walden speaks to Zoey regarding the same but Zoey is reluctant to answer as she fears that Berta (Conchata Ferrell) might listen to the conversation.

To avoid Berta’s attention to the conversation, Walden decides to speak as pool boy. Berta offers Walden some brownies to help Zoey relax but he doesn’t want to give them to Zoey as they are for Berta’s glaucoma.

The next time Walden offers some of the brownies to Zoey and she tries them and gets loaded. She goes out of the room and heads to the kitchen snacking on food. She meets Alan there and explains that since she still does not completely trust Walden, she is not intimate with him and also tells that she doesn’t care about Alan.
Walden finally meets Zoey’s daughter in her apartment and both of them instantly like each other. This eases the tension between Zoey and Walden and they finally are a happy family and plan a trip to San Diego Wild Animal Park.

Guest Stars: Graham Patrick Martin as Eldridge, Sophie Winkleman as Zoey, Matthew Mardsen as Nigel, Talyan Wright as Ava, Sonia Jackson as Andrea, Hira Amrosino as Kim